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Hi,I've been thinking long if I take the SmartQ V7 / MID 81 or the APAD Moonse 7001, too. Because the device is to be for my girlfriend, I have chosen the APAD.The other two have the better CPU and more memory, the MID 81 has GPS and the SmartQ V7 a 4500mAh Li-polymer battery.The problem with both no G-sensor so no access to the marketplace!The MID 81, there are currently only WinCe with a Flash interface, which also is not running very smoothly. SmartQ V7 have 3 different OS, there are no running around if you give the think what may be written in the inofficelen Forum.So whilst there are Android 2.1 but there are still problems with WiFi and Freezes and so on.Thus, the APAD is moderately price performance, as well as the functionality currently the most optimal when the user is not a techie.There is also a community for the APAD what one is advantageous over all other iPad greetings Peppa
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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