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The worst problem that not only you have that issue. I also bought SmartQ T10 (Ten), not from Allpmp site, but still...

The case is that my device experienced the same symptoms:

1. Was not fully charging (50% max after 3 days permanent charging, with 3 kinds of chargers).
2. Was stuck on white boot screen with SmartQ logo.
3. After 2. I thought I should flash it (re-install firmware). But unit suddenly crashed and turned off during firware upgrade (version 3.0 official).
Note: The charger was connected to the unit during the all process of firware installation.
4. Now it does not boot at all, I can't even see the boot screen. Not even screen blinking!
5. Standard firware re-install/flashing didn't help, U-boot recovery - also, because to recover the device it must at least start...

I also sent email to SmartQ support, but no reply yet.
God help us all.
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