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i got this as a gift in last few days- smart Pad android OS WIFI 7.0 inch touchscreen G-sensor IPA...USD161.98 Wholesale Price at DHgate.comit comes with android 1.5 on it and has a hell of alot of chinese apps on it i have fooled round with i a bit and been to android market and downloaded stuff like facebook twitter sky news, pac man docments to go for word files. it nice devise and i really like it what is a pain is i cant seem to delete the chinese apps. i read the instructions sheet that came with ir and it says i uninstall apps through a program call apk.i open this but i am only allowed uninstall the apps i have installed from the market not the apps that were already on the tablet.if anyone as info about this device can you reply to my post or message me please. also i dont know to update the android o.system to 1.5 to the latest one. any help would be appreicated.
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