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Slatedroid 1.2 on the M003

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Finally! My shitty tablet is working in a half decent fashion (and at a half decent speed too!)I tried darexius for M003 but I kept getting random reboots, and it was still sloowwww (infact I hardly noticed an improvement from the stock firmware).So I figured I had nothing to lose, and I saw that someone mentioned about being able to use the scriptcmd file from darexius for M003 on a Slatedroid flash.So my process was as follows:- Download both the Slatedroid and the Darexius files- Extract both files- Copy scriptcmd file from the Darexius script directory to the Slatedroid's script directory (overwriting the existing)- Format SD card to FAT (I had it FAT32 before and nearly pulled my hair out because it wouldn't recognise the flash!)- Copy contents of Slatedroid directory to SD (so the root of the sd card has a "script" directory and a bunch of small files about conf)- With M003 powered off, I inserted the SD card- Plugged the tablet into power (just to be safe!!)- Powered it on and it picked up the flash, does its thing (takes a while)- Remove SD card when prompted- Wait, and wait and wait. Once it gets to the metallic Android logo it will take a long time to get past this for the first boot, probably setting itself up.Once the system is running, your touch screen will be alllll out of whack. So manage to get into the settings by randomly tapping around to see where abouts your taps are registering and eventually you will figure out how far off you need to tap to get where you want. Since Calibration is at the bottom of the menu, you won't be able to get at it as the screen thinks you're tapping higher. To solve this, turn the tablet vertically (you may need to do this a few times to get it to want to turn, the accelerometer is out of whack when the screen calibration is out I think) and you will be able to click it.Do the calibration, then setup your region settings and wallah! Done!!It is running MUCH faster, but I guess that is because Slatedroid is so slimmed down. Bt at least its usable now!Now all I want is Android 2.1 on here, then I wanna hack the inside of my eeePC 2G Surf and fit them inside the tablet. I reckon they'd fit!
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Thank you so much, i couldn't figure out how to update the Tablet. Any idea of when and how Android 2.1 will be available for the M003 ?
Works great! Thanks! Seems a bit faster as well.
Yep, I did the upgrade, too. To avoid the touch screen calibration problem, I copied the etc folder from the "official rom" (here : described the operations here :
can you confirm if your market and other apps are working ok
Darexius + Slatedroid upgrade works as described with Slatedroid 1.2 version, but does the same method work with latest Slatedroid 1.3 version?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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