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Setting Wallpers - if you have had trouble.

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Ok, with help I have figured out the correct resolution for the Android home screen, to "natively" fit. The correct resolution is 1024 x 480. The scrolling function uses 112 pixels on either side of the 800 centre screen image, ie [112 x 2] + 800 =1024 pixels. A tad annoying, but at least if you know you can crop to suit, otherwise it will chop the bottom off netbook resolution images.Now - if you had problem with bugs and the wallpaper thing not working properly...First off, you can't install the wallpaper file on to the internal 1Gb memory, you must have it stored on the SD card. If you use the normal wallpaper function on the hompage it won't work correctly either. From Gevrik
1. Copy the wallpaper to the SD Card2. Use "ES File Explorer" to browse to where you copied the image on the SD3. Tap on the image and open with "PhotoBrowser"4. Once you see the image in PhotoBrowser, tap somewhere on the screen to bring up the menu5. Tap on the "spanner" icon6. Choose "Set as Wallpaper"
This avoids the stupid "orange crop box" issue. On my firmware the brightness will also change to minimum, but after you set the wallpaper you can go to system settings and change the brightness back. Below is a correct size wallpaper if you want to test it, and the original thread about the wallpaer discussion -
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I tried this and still get the crop box. Driving me nuts!
thanks for the info! was making me bonkers!!
I did info check and my apad is resolution 800 x 480. I put a wallpaper of Mobile resolution: 800 x 480 fit perfect.
If you have a ROM with the Camera app, choose 'Camera' instead of Photobrowser and you will be presented with a handy image crop tool.
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