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Searching for a good tablet

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Android 2.1 or abovegood processor256mb ram or abovemultitouch screena high sensitive screeni have around 300$THANK YOU
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Wait. Multitouch is a chimera right now, and ... is it the cruz? ... should meet your specs.
I agree. Check out Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet from Velocity Micro and my write up.The company should be making an announcement next week (should be going on sale this month). Hope to get my hands on it so I can do a full review.
I need some help, I find it difficult to determine what Android Pad I should buy. I want a 7 inch with Android 2.1 or better, As they will in the future develop the software on. Max $ 300 inc shipping. I would appreciate any suggestions for places that sell good products worldwide.Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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