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SD Cards - good and bad? Opinions

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So, I'm picking up a 7" Telechip MID that takes full sized SD CardsAnd I'll be using it with a second memory card for the USB port (this one will be MicroSD)My question: I can get a 16GB MicroSD card with it for cheap.I heard some reports the 16GB MicroSD cards aren't stable or lasting long.Has anyone tried 16 or 8GB Micro SD Cards in their MIDS?How do they Work?Are slower Classes still ok for watching Video?(yes, I know it's a genuine 8 and 16GB capacity... it's not branded but IS full capacity)thanks
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i would rather buy a class 6 sd card that its expensive than a cheap knockoff. (on the long run they should last longer)
there is a program called burnintool which lets you test an sd card.Lets u know the actual size, works with usb sticks too. But never buy from honk kong, most are fakes if not all.Get a decent 8gb one 16gb one. 8gbs are about 10 quid, 16s are about 30, so but 3 8gb cards for the price of one 16gb , or get one big 16gb
Stick with a branded card from a known supplier, you might pay a little bit more bit you'll be more sure of a good one, I have a 16gb Sandisk in my mid and have not had any problems with it so far.
i use 3 8gb and 1 16gb microsd hc cards and all work on my a81-e,the 8gb cost ?10 each and the 16gb cost ?21 from mymemory in the uk. i never buy my memory from ebay as there are too many fakes being sold there
heythankswhere i am 16gb is $100, so i have to consider i say, i know this supplier (not ebay) has actual capacity cards, but are unbranded... they aren't fakes,, that's not a concern for me.i'm just interested in whether people had problems with 16GB microsd cards, and if any had slower ones, if they were a problem for video or not.thanks again
I got an 8GB genuine retail packed class 6 Transcend microsd from here.8GB TRANSCEND MICRO SDHC SD MEMORY FLASH CARD CLASS 6 on eBay (end time 03-Sep-10 10:31:37 BST)Works perfectly and is correct size. Dont know if the speed makes much difference but I got a class 6 as it was nt much more expensive and came with a micro to standard adapter included.
I was using adata cf cards to hack ipod minis. More than adequte for that purpose at that time.
a-data is usually a fast sd cardknown for compatability in Gaming devices
Thanks for your answer, i hesitate because for the same price i can have a 16 g but class 2 i don't know if the speed is important for such device ?
im sketchy on if higher than class 2 is needed for these devices too, thus my post topicgeneral thought seems to be you don't, especially since you're not recording/writing, just watchingcorrect me if im wrong people?
My assumption was that if you are going to watch video stored on the card then a faster one would be better as you are needing to pull the info off the card quick enough so theres no jerkyness in playback. If you are nt watching video I doubt that the card speed makes a lot of difference and even with video it will depend where the bottleneck is for the data, if the processor cant read it quickly enough a fast card wont help.
Guys, no need to assume. It's all in the intarwebz. Just let your fingers do the walking.Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn general, speed ratings matter for recording devices like cameras/camcorders. A class 2 should be fine if you're only reading from it, unless you get a fakey of course.
this will sound a little lame but either newegg or or advertised a class 10 16gig sd card. I am on all three mailing lists and deleted them fast due to acute shortness of the readies and a technoloty habit. This amil was sent out this morning
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