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Well after talking to Willo about some software things for my project, I was forced to upgrade to a custom rom due to an error that kept coming up (Pinyin). So I copied the files to a generic 2gb SD card and stood there for about 30 minutes and the bar was still scrolling with no movement on screen. Then I tried a Lexar 1gb SD card and it installed right away. So I thought I'd help you guys out with this and make a list of SD card brands that will work with installing any custom rom or stock rom.What worksLexar 1gbKingston 1gbSandisk microSD adapter: 1gb : 128mb nokia2x Generic "SDHC Class 6" 16gb4 gb Lexar Class 2What doesn't workMicrocenter 2gb generic
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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