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Screen Problem- Crazycolors like a photo negative?

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Have any of the EKEN M001 users had this problem? It happens when you place only a minimal amount of pressure on the back of he case?Thanks
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Update. As posted in the M003 section, the problem on the screen will not go away. If you squeeze the sides of the machine, it must take the pressure off the back (and the screen inside) and it shows normal rendering. Otherwise, all crazy colors and un usable. See attached image.
My guess: Bad connections.If you have some soldering experience, have a look inside. If not, send it back...Just my 0.02$
No. Ur ribbon connector needs to be pushed back in. Open the cover and put the device face down with the back cover off. The Green rectangle will be where the gold metallic-looking screen ribbon is. The red circles are in the picture to show you where the connector locks are. Slide the small black plastic connector locks towards the top of the picture, then push the gold ribbon cable towards the bottom of the picture. Once the cable is all the way in, hold it there while you push both connector locks towards the bottom of the picture. They must BOTH be completely seated or you'll have to do this again. This is easy. You can do it.DanBTW, Thanks to Mike, Aimless_E, Matt for the pic. I snagged it from aimless teardown. Hope that's okay.
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