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Screen distortion?

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Does anybody have any distortion on their screens? On the upper left had side of the screen, it looks like there is a thumb print on the LCD; it appears to be a pressure point. I have tried twisting the PD left and right; the 'blob' becomes lighter than darker... I guess there is no way to fix it - is there???? Anybody have any suggestions? If not, I believe I will have to return/exchange...
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I noticed this the other day. Mine only happens when I press in the back of the case in that area. Haven't removed that top/back cover to see if there is a way to relieve the pressure. Don't know how to get that cover off.kev
My screen also has the same kind of mark on the top left. I notice if I holod it to tight I will see blobs in different places.
That is exactly my issue; if I hold the top portion, the blob becomes much more visible.. when I remove my hand from the top, the mark remains. Not too visible but, when I read, it seems like that is all my eye can focus on :-(
It doesn't appear to be the cover that is the problem. With the bottom cover removed, you can press on the gray main chassis & get the same. Can't remove the upper back cover easily & don't want to pry too hard. Would like to see what is crowding things. If I'm not mistaken, pressure on the back in this area also will activate the touch screen & it there are any buttons up there, you will launch something. Need to see how to uncover that area.kev
I returned my first one because of this, and now my new one has the same spot. Oh well, it seems like it's not just me and it really isn't that big of a deal so far.
Yeah, if I go through all the trouble to exchange and the new has the same issue, I won't be too happy.. does everybody have this issue?
I had this distortion on the first one I bought. I noticed it turning pages in books without me touching it at first. Over the course of the first couple of hours I had it, it began going bananas more and more. It took me a little while to realize the "indention" or oddities in the screen as probably being the culprit. Things were being selected and tabs being opened without me even touching the screen. Or I'd try to select something at the bottom of the screen and a book would be selected and opened (center of screen). Eventually it was so bad that I barely got it reset so I could shut it off and return it. It kept selecting tabs and opening dialog boxes so fast I couldn't hardly do anything else.I returned that one, read around here for a week, and you guys' poking and prodding on this thing made me want to try it again. I got a new one yesterday but haven't played with it enough to see if the new one has the same defect.
I have something very similar in the upper center-left part of the screen. It is only noticeable when I push down on the screen in the right area. It has never caused any problems that I know of.
I also noticed a hot spot when reading. Hadn't made the back pressure connection.
I went to Kohl's yesterday and exchanged it; this one seems to have 2 pressure points {aka: 'blobs'} and the screen also feels totally different... It seems more sticky... strange.. I didn't get to read last night but, will tonight and will post the blob issues if seen. Also on a side not, my WiFi would disconnect every so often; never did with the previous one... I probably should have kept the last one... Might try one more switch but not 100% sure...
Ok - I exchanged the 2nd one - I am on my 3rd and couldn't be any happier - the unit looks perfect.. I am so happy with this one; I assuming you all care to know this ;-)
Kohl's hates us.
lawman;23598 said:
Kohl's hates us.
This could not be truer. I emailed Kohl's about the rebate mismatch, and they said I bought the wrong thing and it was my fault. (Even when I told them that the flyer showed it with rebate, and the sales associate gave me the rebate form without me even prompting.)Anyways, I returned mine yesterday. So long, suckers! (I'm actually going to see how the Augen pans out. If not, I can always get the PDN again for cheaper from BBB. I would have felt bad for returning it to Kohl's except for the fact that they refused to honor the rebate and blamed me for it.)
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