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Talk to Eternal (Emily Wang) about what to do. They might be OK with you opening it up to try and fix it yourself, as they will have to pay for it to be shipped back to you again and thus might want to explore the possibly free option.

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i think i'm stuck with this device: i don't want to pay shipping and another 36 euro to get a second apad into the country (which may be broken too). a paypal refund is impossible someone said because it's not from ebay. and an refund from miss wang implies i have to pay shipping costs (which will result in paying 36 + 20 euro for nothing!)other possibilities? how does a aliexpress refund works?is there a topic on how to open this device? i'm hoping i just can reconnect the display connector in order to get a nice, clean image on the screen.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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