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Have one that looks just like the DealExtreme S3C6410 from Wholesale-7" Android 1.6 MID Tablet PC Touchpad USB External Wifi G Sensor Netbook Laptop Notebook Computer (the first picture is mis-leading). Had apad earlier and this is way faster and the wireless works great. Pros: Boots fast, responsivness, wireless actually works/active right after the boot and battery lasts long compared to apadCons: Missing Market, no G-sensor (or at least the firmware does not support it), video playback not as smooth as with apad. Stuff: Mine came display mis-calibrated and there was no calibration during first boot/no app to calibrate. You will have to press Menu or was it Home long to bring up the calibration. Power save just dims the display (does not completely turn off)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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