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samsung infotmic tablet

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have several of these tabs with google accounts. one is woking perfectly, is there anyways to read full firmware and flash the rest. any ideas and have a nice day.

Device Info
Serial number: iMAPb1c2a1a3
Hardware: imapx15
Bootmode: unknown
Bootloader ver: unknown
Revision: 0
Main version:
Baseband ver: unknown
GSM baseband:
GSM sim state: UNKNOWN
Get Bluetooth info failed
WI-FI is disabled
Network [1]: GSM IMEI: null
Root Access: ROOTED

Get device information done , time used 1.02s
Time used : 1.0 s

Product CODE:
>>>>Mobile Modle:MID
>>>>Build Id:20131203.145900
>>>>BaseBand Ver:MIT
>>>>Android Ver:4.2
>>>>Hw Version:IMAPX15
>>>>Wifi AdressTHLIMIT
>>>>CPU Instruction:ARMEABI-V7A
>>>>USB Charge Support:NO
>>>>USB Stock Function:
>>>>Mobile IMEI:NULL
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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