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Run Android 4.0.3 on Windows 7 or 8

I posted about WindowsAndroid in the New Section of SLD already. Now a bit about the first use.

The very first use ended in an error from which I was need to find out how to exit. That's not so easy and many may would face problems here. So I decided to first post how to recover from that error, which means How to get rid of the annoying error messages.

Within the { } Developer options from Settings as try to enable USB debugging, Stay away, Allow mock locations and suddenly i get the following error:

Now I was try to close that error messages and than got a new one:

To close this one were not possible, the CMD windows were come up:

Now while try to close that one, the error messages were starting to multiply. The only way I found to get rid of that, were to click many time on the close button of that error messages and finally it were disappears.

Maybe those errors will also appearing on other locations. That's why the developer is warning that this apps in very early stage.

Note: The developer website is down at the moment but if someone like to come in touch with the developer, here them e-mail address: MM SocketeQ <[email protected]>
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