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Maybe some of you know: fards edited ab73's kernel.
It has now better and more stable Overclocking, but it was not compiled.
I forked the kernel and edited a few things.
See my Git also:
And also thanks to imayoda for help and hints.

Date: 24.11.2011

Description: Some more Touchscreen Tweaks, Tweaks from original Config.

Date: 09 November 2011

Tweaked maximum Voltage (see below and notes), Touchscreen enhancement (msleep 10 -> 2), ZRAM (compcache) and SWAP enabled, deactivated Framebuffer (deactivates second Bootscreen), Tweaks from antibyte, Compiler flags, SLQB, swappiness = 30, VPN capability.

1) Copy the file to your Device.
2) Delete /system/lib/modules/
3) install kernel in CWM.

Is compressed Ram. Gives more free RAM but takes a bit of CPU due to decompressing. Does not alter the SD file System.
Has to be activated on every boot.

Is a partition on your SD Card. Caches unused Ram in there. Slower than ZRAM.
SD Card life will suffer in long term use.
To be honest: I don't use SWAP.
But Compcache is not working without SWAP capability.

Compcache activation:
Compcache has to be activated on every boot. Therefore I suggest using Script Manager.
Create a on your device, start Script Manager, select and start it every boot.
Restart your device.
ZRAM should be active.

To check if ZRAM is working, enter "free" or "cat /proc/swaps" in Terminal.

Script for ZRAM:
insmod /system/lib/modules/lzo_compress.ko;
insmod /system/lib/modules/lzo_decompress.ko;
insmod /system/lib/modules/zram.ko num_devices=2;
echo 104857600 > /sys/block/zram0/disksize;
echo 104857600 > /sys/block/zram1/disksize;
mkswap /dev/block/zram0;
mkswap /dev/block/zram1;
swapon -p 100 /dev/block/zram0;
swapon -p 100 /dev/block/zram1;
This creates two 100 Mb ZRAM.
I created two, because I read, this should be better for Multi Core CPU.

Maximum Voltage:
This kernel should Overclock to 1500, but the highest setting seems to be bricked - even God fards himself didn't know why.
The voltage for 1500 was 1,3 Volt. I turned it down to 1,225 Volt.
All other Voltages are the same, as it seems, Undervolting has not much effect but Freezes.

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Great work guys..

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you should set swappiness too in start script as by deafault it's not swapping a lot..

for more than 1,5GHz you should reduce the number of intermediate steps as tegra supports only 10 if i remember correctly..

and no credits to me?!

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I forgot...
I set Swappiness to 30 in kernel

what would be a good swappiness?
Android default is 60...

Where are the intermediate steps defined?

/ arch / arm / mach-tegra / nvrm / core / common / nvrm_clocks_limits.c
// Clock table
counting 8....

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I see it now ...
Damn branches...
1368 1368 (NvOdmUsbChargerType_SE0 | NvOdmUsbChargerType_SE1 | NvOdmUsbChargerType_SK),
1369 1369 20,
1370 1370 NV_TRUE,
1371 - NvOdmUsbModeType_Device,
1371 +// NvOdmUsbModeType_Device,
1372 + NvOdmUsbModeType_Host,
1372 1373 NvOdmUsbIdPinType_CableId,
1373 1374 NvOdmUsbConnectorsMuxType_None,
1374 1375 NV_TRUE
If USB Host is on, then connecting to PC is not working any more I guess?

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If you force it on, you cannot use the port to connect it to PC as Host mode is always on then.

But there should be a way to activate OTG on demand, as this is the reason for the 5th pin on OTG Adapters.

So there should be a method that if you plug in a OTG adapter the
tablet recognizes the 5th pin and switches to Host mode and if plug in the normal cable it stays in slave mode.

But unfortunately I have no idea how to incorporate this into the kernel.
Maybe you find something in the sources of the Gtablet, as afaik the Gtab fully supports Usb OTG.

roebeet (developer of some Gtab ROMS) once said (regarding OSB OTG on the Xoom):
"Xoom just needed some alterations in the init.rc and vold.fstab (as I recall) to activate it"

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Really impressed with this kernel, combined with the latest Flashback release you've made Honeycomb near stable (obviously lacking HW Accel).

Thankyou for your hard work.


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Hi and thanks for your work on the kernel. Can you fix the download link? The download site has been affected by the Megaupload takedown. cheers
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