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First time poster in the Archos forum. I've been a long time Chinese tab user (MIDI M816, Ainol Advanced, Onda Vi40) which is not for the "faint at heart" as it requires optimization procedures to get it these tablets working appropriately. These Chinese tabs generally have half-way decent hardware for dirt cheap, but the firmware is hell and the the support is non-existant. This makes Chinese tab owners "firmware junkies" instantly if you want your tab to work half way decently.

In any event, I've been looking at all sorts of tabs to find one that could double as a "carputer" and the Archos seems to fit the bill (8" screen, decent screen, bluetooth and built-in GPS). Then this past weekend there was a ridiculous deal on the G9 80s at Staples ($132 OTD) so I bit on one and dug into the literature (mainly at XDA site) on rooting and porting a new OS onto the G9. Now I have a fully rooted, overclocked tablet with both cores unlocked as well as an easily updatable OS allowing me to fully access my external SD card and my wireless network for streaming. I haven't taken the GPS for a spin yet, nor used the bluetooth functionality but have read both work well.

Below is a four step breakdown of installing a new ROM that will give you root to the Archos G9

Step One - Manually update G9 to ICS (if you are not already updated to ICS)
1. Download official ICS firmware release from Archos (link here)
2. Reboot your tablet into recovery mode by holding down the Volume - button and then pressing power at the same time for 3-5 seconds
3. When recovery menu comes up, immeditely press the Volume - button (while still holding the power button) to scroll down to the Recovery subsection; once you get into the recovery subsection you don't need to hold down the power button anymore. Accessing the Recovery menu without the tablet immediatly rebooting is somewhat of a art form in terms of the timing of the power/Volume - buttons, but you'll get it.
(note: Within the Recovery console, the volume +/- allows you to scroll through the subsectin and the power button is "enter")
4. Choose "Update Firmware"
5. Plug tablet into PC using the miniUSB cable and then press the power for "ok"
6. A folder should open up on your PC. Copy the ICS firmware that you downloaded from to the folder. Press the power button for "ok"
7. Wait for tablet to update and then manually reboot into ICS to verify the new firmware install was successful

Step Two (Per "" guide) - Downloading and adding ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to your PC to allow importing of files into the G9 via your PC

Note once you've gotten ADB onto your PC, test the communication by doing the following
1. Open command window (type "cmd" in the start menu search box)
2. Navigate to c:\Android (the folder you made in your c: drive to house the ADB files) by typing "chdir c:\android" in the cmd box
3. Plug your tablet into the PC using the miniUSB cable
4. Type "adb devices" in the cmd box under c:/Android
5. You should see your tablet's ID number listed if not then adb is not communicating with your tablet properly

Step Three - Inserting the Developer Mode Edition (DME) subsection to the G9's Recovery Console to allow for upgrading the tablets kernals (see "Step 1" of Shano56's thread)

Step Four - updating the tablet's kernal and installing rooted firmware
1. Download rooted firmware from Surdu Petru's thread on XDA (thanks Surdu!) and extract the zip file into c:\Android; the extracted file is called "archos.ext4.update"
2. Connect the G9 to the PC and start up ADB (from procedures noted in Step Two above)
3. "Push" (i.e. copy) the downloaded firmware onto the internal storage of the G9 by typing the following into ADB (make sure you've navigated to c:\Android in the cmd box when you do this):
"adb push archos.ext4.update /mnt/storage"

(Note all you will see is a blinking cursor for a while while it's push the large ROM file; leave it alone until you note a message informing the file transfer speed (bytes/sec) message)

4. Download the kernal files from Surdu Petru's overclocking thread and extract them to the desktop (your should have two files called zImage and initramfs)
5. Reboot the tablet into Recovery using the procedures in Step One
6. Click on "Recovery" then "Developer Mode Edition (DME)"
7. Click on "Remove old kernal", press ok and "I Understand"
8. Navigate back to DME and press update kernal files
9. A box should open up on your PC. Drop the two files you downloaded from step 4 into this box and click on "okay"
10. Reboot tablet and wait for new firmware to update (give it some time; in about a minute you should see a new load animation loop displaying a gang of Android mascots driving around on motorcycles if the new firmware took).

A thread which has posted similar information above may be found here.

That's it. If for some reason the new firmware or kernals do not work and you get stuck on the "Archos Entertaining My Way" splash screen following a tablet reboot, simply reboot the tablet into the recovery console and re-update your firmware using the Archos ICS firmware (from Step One) and try pushing the firmware and updating the kernal files once again.

Hope that helps everyone. Thanks goes out to all the developers over at XDA for making this happen.


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Not sure how search for this in case it has been dealt with already. The other day I toggled USB debugging rebooted and using volume got into ABOS recovery went into Update connected and detected my Archos G9
tablet. I am using a Debian unstable linux desktop. Problem was that when I opened a browser window it showed empty and size was incorrect. That means to me that although it could detect the tablet it was missing something that would allow it to open it up.
Today I tried the same thing and this time I can not detect anything.
I would like to make the changes as described above but something is not working.
Firmware version 4.0.26, Android 4.0.4
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