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Thanks for the post.
I've installed the firmware

changed according to changelog:
add c92 user manual file

but also the new flashplayer 10.2 (pkg2.2) was added
further i dindn't find anything new.

In compare to the c91 upgrade the c92 isn't better.

Has the same specs,(runs at 1ghz)

- is as little bit thinner and lighther.
- can be charged with mini usb cable
- has some kind of rubber housing
- and i believe it is working longer on the battery, something i need to test further

- It doesn't have a normal usb
- It doesn't have physical volume and camera buttons
- no touchbuttons, but you don't need them with ICS
- the viewing angle off the screen is worse.
- build quality feels less

so if you doubt to buy the c91 upgrade or c92,
i recommend you should buy the c91 upgrade or wait until the c97 is available.
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