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[ROM][VZW][FROYO][AOSPish Clone]Simply AOSP v2.3 Tablet Edition[BETA][Updated 3-20]

Based on DJ11. *INCOMPLETE* Very minimal right now. Features and Enhancements will come through a series of Beta updates and eventually a final product.

This is a very early build of a new but simple ROM for the CDMA Tabs (Tested with VZW only at this point).

This is NOT a finished product. It is however a stable product with a bare minimal framework in place.

-Verizon spam has been removed. (Kept My Verizon Mobile as it's useful if you use the 3G)
-Added Calculator and Car Home

No themes have been decided yet, along with launchers. So it's stock Touchwiz at this point.

Boushh's Kernel + CWM Recovery - Get it here
Credits to Boushh! Nice work.
Common Sense

Goal of this ROM
The goal of this ROM will be to provide a simple .zip to format the tab and replace the entire system with a clean optimized slate ready to go.

With that said I do want to make Tablet specific enhancements and apply either a 2.x theme or a 3.0 theme to make it more AOSP-like without ruining the tablet elements.

This ROM is currently rather boring but I really look forward to suggestions going forward! What do you wanna see improved in your "tablet" experience?

No known bugs at this time. Feel free to report any you run across.

How to install.
This is very simple. Download the .zip and place it on your sd-card. Reboot your tab into Recovery mode (Press and hold the volume up key then hold power until you see Samsung appear on the screen, then release and it will boot into recovery). Select Install Zip from sdcard, then select choose zip, then select the one you downloaded from here.

Version 2.3? Where was 1.0?
As of now this will eventually be a Tablet-specific port of my Epic 4G ROM I'm going to keep version numbers the same as enhancements made will almost always be applicable to both.

Version 2.3 Beta -


This is not my Rom. All credit goes to TheDub
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