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M009S Camera Mirror Fix:

I have the MID M009S single touch 7"tablet.From day one noticed when taking pics and video they were mirrored.Tried every fix I could find.Just flashed to Modroid v11 Lite.I edited the env_uboot file with a text editor and added this parameter.

setenv 1

I put it under setenv 0:0 saved file then flashed.Taking pics and video normally now.Hope this helps some people with the M009S single touch and troubleshooting others.

Nice one! I noticed this issue and struggled with fixing it (see posts around start of Sept 2011). I have just applied the fix you mention and it does work nicely on my M009S too. For others who want to try this, you do not need to reflash your tab. Do this:

download a terminal app
type the following at the command prompt: "wmtenv set 1" then hit return
Exit out of the terminal app and fire up your camera. Should now display correctly.

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I have got mw8650 7" netbook.
I've downloaded a Modroid v10, and when it instaling there is a big stripe on screen.

Here is a video how it is look:

I tried others Android Firmware like Uberoid, but always it make the same stripe, but when I instal Win_CE there is no stripe, and everythings work fine.
What should I do to have an Android on my netbook?
Sounds like a video driver problem. What was installed on the netbook when you got it? Win CE? I suggest googling the model of netbook (model number, or anything else that might identify it). Since various android roms are all doing the same thing, this is clearly a common issue that possibly reflects a core issue of incompatibility. Good luck.

BTW for everyone else (if interested), I am tied up with other work at present and likely for the foreseeable future, so I won't be as visible on here as I have in the past. Some would say that is a good thing....

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Is it me or are the v11 download links not working at all? If this is confirmed is there any way I would be able to get someone to let me know where I can download this from? Thanks in advance.

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I have a chinese 7'' netbook. When i use a 7'' firmware, a strange line in the middle of my screen is made. Ive tried to install a 8'' firmware from modroid 8.0 (firmware m003 8'') and it has worked! But i have some problems, because my screen is smaller than 8''. How can i change this firmware to 7''?

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I tried going direct to the file site, to try to download this, but the connection timed out..??
Have all the download/file sharing sites been taken down?

Update: Kept trying; managed to d/l v10 from Hotfile, and it's installed OK.
Also got the market working

Skype installed, but won't login.. any ideas?

I saw (in the ReadMe) that the latest Skype for Android doesn't work, but the 'Lite' version is no longer available from (or the Market). Does anyone know if it's available anywhere else?

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Here it is. The latest 1.5.3 firmware release of Modroid.

Modroid-v11 is based on Eken's 1.5.3 firmware
Installation and Tips document updated (PLEASE READ IT!)
Fully Rooted
Removed Stock ROM garbage apps
Custom modified green framework
Apps2sd working
Android Market
Hosts file to block most in app ads and website ads
Increased volume output and microphone gain
Added Live Wallpaper support
Removed 0 byte files left over from removed stock applications
Borrowed and modified Uberoids "changer.bat" so that Modroid could support more devices more easily.

Changed since v10
Nothing other than being based on 1.5.3 firmware.

Changed since v9
Removed ALL wmt apps (music browser, recorder, video browser etc) and replaced with similar apps.
Reconfigured zeem launcher to have more columns and rows by default.
Changed default wallpaper.
Improved boot logo a little bit.
Added default "browser" app back.
Improved SD card read/write speeds.
Removed unneeded services from startup scripts.
Various other small system tweaks.
Added a little more green to the framework.

Changed since v8
Added old Market back (issues with 3.1.3)
Enhanced build.prop
Removed Flash 10 for speed/stability reasons (installer included if you want to reinstall it)
Fixed Facebook bug (no longer crashes when logging in)
General house cleaning and other stuff.

Changed since v7
Quicker boot time (avg 45-50 seconds)
Added better wifi driver
Added wm8650 7" netbook to changer.bat
Added stock rotation arrow back
Added a little bit more green to the framework (still some orange left though *sigh*)
Removed the default "Browser" app in favor of "Dolphin Browser Mini"
Removed "Package Manager" and "AppMonster" as they aren't needed (use settings -> applications -> manage applications)
Replaced "AdvancedTasKiller" with "Android Assistant" (more features)
Replaced LauncherPro with Zeem Launcher. (1/6th the size and much faster!)
Preconfigured Zeem launcher desktop and settings for best performance.
Added the latest Android Market (version 3.1.3)
Added a new boot logo (thanks CoffeeFreak!)
Added option to install a modified GREEN wmtlauncher.
Removed Aquarium live wallpaper and replaced with Matrix live wallpaper.
Removed about 2mb of ringtones as they weren't needed for anything.
Removed Gtalk as it was an OLD version.
Removed Google voice search (didn't work, use Bing! instead if you want voice search)
There's probably more, i just can't remember anymore.

Not tested on every device, but Modroid should now support these devices (and possibly more)
1=Maylong M-250
1=MID V7 7"
1=InterToys NL Tab 7"
1=MID E18 7"
1=M009S Green LED 7"
1=TomTec Tablet 7"
2=M009S Blue LED 7"
2=Generic Netbook 7"
2=Epad GW-70 7"
2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7"
2=WinPad-C07 7"
3=M003S 8"
3=Innovatek MID 8"
4=PC-802 8"
5=BLY-806 8"
5=VIA WM8650 8"
6=M80003W 8"
7=Apex 7"
7=BLY-706F v1 7"
8=MID703 7"
8=ILC PC Tab701 7"
8=KLD-MID701 7"
8=MID710 7"
9=M010S 7"
10=M012S 8"
11=M70007T 7"
11=ViaPad M7 7"
11=VIA WM8650 7"
11=M768A 7"
11=Leader V70 7"
11=Epad GW-707 7"
12=ATF3416-7 7"
13=BLY-706F v3 7"
14=E16 5cun1603 5"
15=ED99 8cun1603 8"
16=E18 7cun1603 7"
17=ED99 8cun8900 8"
18=Ricatech/RATAB10 10"
18=TomTec 10"
19=Epad M009D (added by
20=M013S (added by me)

Various helpful links:
Modroid not working for you? Try Uberoid
Green LED with vibrate and dual point touch 7"
Alternative Green LED env_uboot 7"
Modroid thread on the Uberoid forums
If you have wifi issues look here
If you want to play with Bluetooth and VPN look here
Eken Official Firmware for many devices

How to enable ad-hoc wifi Thanks RX Bandit!

I'd like to thank Slatedroid, Rodger, HCH, DrCheap and all the forums and users for bug reports, fixes, ideas, mirrors etc. Without all this information being shared online Modroid wouldn't be what it is today.

Download (72mb) Modroid-v11 Lite (1.5.3 firmware)
Mirror 2 here (thanks netizenmt!)


Download (71mb) Modroid-v10 Lite (1.5.1 firmware)
Mirror 2 here (thanks netizenmt!)
Mirror 3 here (thanks bluestang!)
Mirror 4 here (thanks bluestang!)
Mirror 5 here (thanks bluestang!)

Older version 9
Download (74mb) Modroid-v9 LITE (1.5.1 firmware)
Mirror 2 here (thanks netizenmt!)
Mirror 3 here (thanks bluestang!)
Mirror 4 here (thanks bluestang!)
Mirror 5 here (thanks bluestang!)
Mirror 6 here (thanks lucsp!)

Older version v8
Download (87mb) Modroid-v8 LITE (1.5.1 firmware)
Mirror 2 here (thanks Squirrel61!)
Mirror 3 here (thanks Squirrel61!)

Older version v7.
Download (110MB roughly) Modroid-v7 FINAL (1.5.1 firmware)
Mirror 2 here (thanks netizenmt!)
Mirror 3 here (thanks funder!)
Mirror 4 here (thanks 2Damage!)

excellent MOD ROM, it all works better than the stock ROM that came with my 7in mini netbook except the camera. any ideas on how to fix it?

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Hello All,

I just wanted to take the time to drop by and say thank you. I downloaded v11 and installed it to my Sylvania Smartbook Model # SYNET07WICV and everything went without a hitch. WinCE is completely unusable on this 7" netbook and I was excited to see an android OS available for it. Thanks Again!

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A little confused. I know this is an Chinese tablet from Merimimobiles. Mid V8 Android 2.2 Via vm8650.
8" 800-600, Model= PC-802
Now I see that model in the bat file (4 i think) When I flash, it just goes into waiting. I know i'm doing
something wrong, but what? or is their an USA tablet you don't have to do this? Thanks..

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hello i know this is a old post but any one know were i can find a copy of this modroid v11?
i have not been able to find it any were an id like to change my wec7 os to android on my smartbook.
thanks for any help..
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