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  • RLS1 Changelog:
    • Updated Market to 3.0.27
    • Updated Google Maps to 5.8.0
    • Updated Facebook to 1.6.2
    • Updated Gmail to 2.3.5
    • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes
    Full Changelog / feature list can be found in Here
  • Download Rom
  • Reboot into Recovery.
  • Perform Nandroid backup
  • Minimally wipe dalvik and cache. For optimal experience, perform full wipe (data/dalvik/cache).
  • Flash rom
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy

(Flash these just like how you flash roms)
  • Many optional installs available via Synergy Updater and in post #2
  • incubus26jc's Warm Synergy Theme For RLS1

  • As always, Team Synergy is not responsible for anything that happens to your phone while using these files.
  • Team Synergy - DJZager, incubus26JC, Joelz9614, myn, Rafyvitto, suilmagic, WoZZer, Virus
  • Thanks to DrMacinyasha, lowetax, Mrono, NxtGenCowboy, onicrom, tommytomatoe, everyone listed in changelog and of course all of the beta testers (you guys rock!) and #[email protected]


The Hand That Smites
652 Posts
Mods For Synergy From The Community:

Please use Brozono's flashing process to install these mods/themes on the GodMode version of Synergy.


Boot AnimationsDialersFlip ClocksHow-To'sKeyboard ModsLock Screens / Lock RingsNotification / Statusbar ModsOther ModsQuick SettingsRosie ModsRosie 3.0 ModsSplash ScreensThemesTitlebar ModsWallpapers/Backgrounds

The Hand That Smites
652 Posts

RC2 - (07/17/2011) Download: Synergy RC2 or Synergy RC2+GodMode
  • Enabled wireless 802.11 N in kernel modules
  • Added Panoramic and HDR support to Camera (Thanks aamikam)
  • Fixed Google Auto App/Settings Restore
  • Added New Netflix with 1080p, Auto Rotation and Video Enhancement (Thanks Sprintusa)
  • Updated Market to 3.0.26
  • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings (Thanks Chingy)
  • Updated DSP Manager
  • Added Preset Email Providers From Sense 3.0
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.7.0
  • Updated Facebook to 1.6.1
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes
RC1 - (06/27/2011) Download: Download Synergy RC1
  • Based on Speedy_S_Sprint_WWE_2.72.651.2 Leak (Thanks 911 Sniper)
  • Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
  • Sense 3.0 threaded text messaging (Thanks SEO)
  • Sense 3.0 Weather (Thanks SEO and Damo)
  • Sense 3.0 MMS
  • Sense 3.0 Task Manager
  • Sense 3.0 Polaris Office
  • Sense 3.0 USB Menu
  • Synergy Updater app, allowing in rom updates (Addons and Themes)
  • Optional PureBlack theme (Thanks Krysick)
  • Green overflow scroll (Thanks Robocik)
  • Rased available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Google Talk with Video support
  • Support for ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
  • 1% battery increments and animated sync
  • Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Calk)
  • Custom HTC Wallpapers
  • CRT display off/on animations
  • Optimized apks (thanks aamikam)
  • CRT TV shutdown animation
  • BusyBox v1.18.4 with color output disabled
  • CyanogenMOD A2sd Scripts Modified by Virus and Robocik
  • Custom Notification sounds
  • Rosie settings with right button remap
  • Screen Scaling and systl.conf tweaks (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Build Prop tweaks for faster screen transitions and call connect (Thanks CapyChimp)
  • Framework and Rosie transition times sped up (Thanks Calk and Aamikam for the Logic)
  • HTC hub (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • 3G/1X status in Titlebar Mod
  • Transparent Rosie (Thanks Virus and Snq)
  • Sprint Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free
    (Thanks Leoisright)
  • HTC Mirror App support
  • H264 native support
  • Synergy bootanimation (Thanks to the King of bootanimations.. Wrx4memp)
  • HTC_IME.apk with non arrows version
  • Landscape Rosie Support (Thanks TommyTomatoe)
  • Increased GPS Lock Performance (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Wireless Tether 2.0.7
  • Settings toggle in Display for Stock (AOSP) Lockscreen (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Settings toggles in Display for Screen On/Off (CRT) Animations (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Added HTC Media Share (DLNA Server)
  • Unlimited tabs in Browser.apk (Thanks JoelZ9614)
  • Netflix Works
  • Updated DSP Manager
  • And much much more..
  • Q: How come there are no addons or themes available in Synergy Updater?
    A: You first must configure an Addon/Theme server. Do this by going to: menu | configuration | Addon/Theme Update Settings | Manage Addon/Theme Servers | Menu | Update Featured Addon/Theme Servers" Then check for Addons and themes and there should be a list presented.
  • Q: When I apply an update through Synergy Updater, occasionally recovery doesn't apply the update and I get a screen with an exclamation mark
    A: Clockwork Recovery has been tested to not be as consistent as Amon_RA's Recovery. At this time I recommend and use Amon_Ra's 2.3.* recovery which can be installed through RomManager or downloaded and installed manually from Amon_RA's thread.
  • Q: I am looking for a particular file that I am sure has been posted before in this thread. How can I easily find it in this huge thread?
    A: In your web browser click on the paper clip next to this thread on the index page of "EVO 4G Android Development". A list of all of the threads attachments will be presented.
  • Q: Do you have any tips on conserving battery life?
    A: See this great EVO Battery Saving Tips thread here. Also try going into Spare parts and uncheck "Compatibility Mode" and reboot. More info here. (Thanks Agimax)
  • Q: I am getting a "Package file was not signed correctly" when I flash the update files?
    A: Toggle signature verifications within recovery before flashing, Disabling signature verification.
  • Q: How do I disable the Swype OTA so I can run a beta version instead?
    A: Follow the instructions in this post or this post.
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