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PRIME Redux v1.0
Basically Prime rebuilt with Roach2010's ROM building tool built from sources. Themed to look like ICS with much of the garbage add-ons dumped (stock Asus bloatware). If needed, I can set up a flashable zip with those add-ons.

THE USUAL DISCLAIMER: If you brick your tablet, its not me to blame. You will undoubtedly void your warranty by flashing this ROM. Not recommended for those who do not know what they are doing. It would be a shame to see your TF101 become an expensive serving tray.

My github is here for those that are curious as to what I work on.

The ROM: as stated, built from Roaches ROM tool, and system dump. Until I have a boot ani made, I will use the stock one at first. I included Roach's OC kernal, due to smoothness, speed, and stability. I also included the browser fixes and other parts from the last PRIME update, so no need to flash it later.
  • You should still be able to receive updates from Asus for the pending ICS release, as it should see the tablet as Market should be fine as well.
  • If your TF shows up as a TF101G just install and run the 3g toggler app located here (thanks to Gnufabio and Roach2010). It should put you back to the TF101 in settings.
Special thanks to: Roach2010 | CaNsA | Hacre | afm | MoDaCo | dc13 | supercurio | Bumble-Bee | RaYmAn | netarchy | Vividboarder | CurtisBeef

Instructions for CWM Recovery version:
  • 1. Copy ROM to sdcard
    2. Boot into clockworkmod recovery
    3. Make a nandroid backup (MANDATORY)
    4. Install the ROM
    5. Reboot and wait... The more apps you have installed the longer the first boot will take... Please note that after the lock screen comes up your TF may be sluggish for a minute while the ROM initializes.

fixed Superuser may be flaky... You may need to also flash the update found here

  • PRIME Redux can be downloaded HERE
    I had to use ATF due to the file size. If there is a download issue, please let me know.
ROM information:
  • Android version: 3.2.1
  • GPS version V5.5.8
  • Wi-Fi version V5.2.65
  • Bluetooth version V6.24
  • Kernal Roach2010 OC kernal


  • v1.0: initial release -- based on
  • fully deodexed for ease of use
  • modified apks for ICS look
  • included Roach2010's OC kernal
  • ICS Gmail app included
  • clean smooth and fast
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double thanks , one for posting and the other for letting us host it on ATF
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