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Hey ho,

i spend the last weeks in porting MIUI to our Ainol Devices. I succesfully tested it on Aurora2 (the only Tablet i own)

It is based on CT CM10 and works so far. This is an early alpha version, but as proof of concept i want you to test this one.

It should work on the following devices.

Aurora 2
Elf 2
Ramos W22 PRO

You need to use TWRP

Download your compatibility zip from here

Please note im not responsible for any bricks or damages that may occure while using the wrong comp zip or what ever, in fact use this at your own Risk.

How to:

- Wipe your data, do a Factory Reset
- Install miui rom
- Install your compatibility zip


Changelog: 0.0.6
- Fixed Shell Issue (Report if it is still not working)
- Fixed Browser
- Removed Phone & SMS
- Fixed some FC i cant remember right now.
- Fixed Theme Manager
- Removed MIUI Updater
.... more comming soon.

Changelog: 0.0.7

- Added Phone back, too much FCs (looking for solution)
- Fixed Launcher

Not working:
- Camera
- Contacts
- and maybe many more just tell me
- Screenshot
- Mount SD Card
- Statusbar width needs to be fixed

Important Note:
Please do a logcat if you report any problem.


Please report any bugs and problems i try to solve them.


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