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[Kings-Rom]Kinged SHOOTER E3D [sense3.0]Now with working 4G!The future is here!

Base-Shooter Sprint release (Gingerbread)
Green Overscroll Glow
Some bloat removed
3D Home Screen Setting (go to settings/display/ and check the 3dHome Screen, then tilt your phone while on homescreen to see the 3D effect)
A2SD Baked in.
Latest Market
3D Home Screen (Go To settings/Display then click on 3d homescreen)
More Quick Settings Options (Thanks aamikam. ported over from his ROM!)
fully working htc hub with sense 3.0 skins and widgets.
Amazing Sense Skin (Added)
somehwere around 185mb of free space on install, you can get more! Flash DT a2sd beta 4 then run command "a2sd datasd". (thanks to jklong03 for this litlle bit of info)
Added Misfits Rosie w/ my semi-transparent app drawer!
More stuff Im sure that Im forgetting,

RLS_2.0 Changelog

Baked in A2SD beta 04 (note because of this, first flash will take a really long time, it will hang at splash for a bit, and may even restart a couple times. Just let it sit there, it will boot! I have test flashed 5 different times, with mixed resaults, sometimes it would hang, sometimes it would just boot up, but it booted every time!

Included Blue Lightning boot animation (Thanks Bill, and the person who created it!)

Included wireless tether app, and A2SD GUI.apps, from the market. (Props to the developers of these great apps!)

PRL and Profile both update now (Sometimes it takes a couple tries, and maybe a couple reboots, but they will update)

0compressed all system apps, for speed and more RAM! (Huge thanks to Tommy T for his beyond awesome Android Utility.
)Note doing this caused me to lose a little system space, but as long your running A2SD you should still have decent system space!

Went back to stock app drawer. (For now!! Also this Rosie, is resized to give it more of a 3D feel! So widget are a little bigger, I will be doing a 5 Row, Semitrans mod for this resized Rosie)

Nets Latest Golden Monkey Kernal baked in! (Feel free to flash whatever Kernal works best for you!)

You tell me, please pm me regarding any bugs you may find.

King (Lead Developer, his original port! )
GruesomeWolf (Tweaking rom, freeing up some internal space)
Bill Bowers
And to all the kind people here on XDA that support my work.
Hope I did not leave anyone out! If I did please PM me.

Installation Instructions
Wipe all user data factory reset
Wipe dalvik cache
Wipe battery stats
Flash Kings-MOD Format
Flash ROM

Download RLS-2.0

Video Review
Thanks Vinny from "The Android Authority"​

The Hand That Smites
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Gruesomes Semi-Transparent Pulldown (Stock)​

Download Here

Gruesomes Android Heartbeat, Animated Statusbar Pulldown (without recent apps bar!)

Download Here

Blue Lightning........ Props to Bill Bowers

Themes by my boy XsMagical
Dark Horse

Red Venom

White Out

Download any of these themes here
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