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updates: (purple part of the supplement I)
(as opposed to official 0.9 version of firmware )
* production (based on solution providers 1.0 beta package perfect streamline the optimization)
* Fixed standby abnormal consumption (official) (the perfect solution to the cast situation will no longer wake-up irregular)
* GPU driver updates, the page rendering speed (official)
* Flash performance improvement, and improve the video notification bar hidden (official) (Youku HD flash most of the video smooth, some Youku HD Caton may be the main and flash coding related)
optimization of the modified version of touch-driven, and significantly improved touch experience (flight feathers had not shake 1R08 continue shaking my original jitter significantly 1R07 jitter improved slightly, the two of us touch significantly improved all firmware integrated feel the best, years ago, the official 0119 individual machines may touch the differences can be fine-tuning in the / system / app directory build.prop corresponding specific parameters)
* integrated CWM Recovery mode
* noise remove the boot and standby
model changes to the GT-I9100, compatible with more games and market program

Market Play)
* system to streamline, add a few utility (if the card players do not have 3G propose to streamline the two phone-related icons apk in / system / app and last wapxxx.apk, deleted)
* default brightness 50%, off by default tactile feedback
1 - 5 of 1955 Posts
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