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[ROM] Hybrid 5.1 for blue LED aPad

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Hello everyone,this is the same as the other 5.1, but works on the blue LED aPad. WiFi is still strange, it will find networks for me but won't connect, but others seem to have success. Thanks to the guys from for providing me with the blue aPad.Download is in the downloads section.
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cool, gonna give it a try and test if wifi works when i get back home
everythin works great...but wifi unable to connect!
but the firmwire the apad came was the same tbh..i jus dont want to send it back!
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the problem with the tablet store 5.1 blue led standard version,wifi work okay,but in market we can not download file,can install APK file but can not uninstall them,many of app has force close when runningthe 5.1 blue led full version can not downloaded to the apad they say the download failed and to re-plug device ,i use RKAndroidDM 1.2until now i still use first tablet store blue led firmware with only 30mb of app storage,it could be nice if this rom can be make to 300mb of storage memory
Wifi is unable to start. Is there a place where android keeps error logs ? Like /var/log/messages ?
This Hybrid 5.1 doesn?t work with my Wifi. However, with the 630 my wifi does work.
They changed something on the hardware end on the Blue LED Apads. I'm hoping Roger got the one they finalized. If your wifi doesn't work, you lucked out and got a pre-final product
Yeah, maybe they switched wifi cards between production runs. As I said before, my wifi will turn on and find networks, but it won't connect. But it works just fine for other people. It seems that, for some other people, wifi won't even turn on. If someone with a blue led aPad with working wifi could send me a logcat, that would be great.
Yes I have a blue led apad but my wifi won't work, I will flash this rom and see if wifi works.
Ahh this is bullshit, it won't even flash for me 150 down the drain.
Ahh I am still having problems it says can't wait rock usb or something like that. any ideas? I really want to keep this device, but I don't want it if wifi doesn't work.
ahhg I know what I did wrong! I didn't install the drivers I clicked cancel when it came to that, and that's why it tells me to reconnect the device. Now I don't think I can install the drivers, can someone show me how to install the drivers? It would be greatly appreciated.
mate go to device manager and u will see an unknown device listed there...right click on it and press update driver...there it will ask u if u wanna search online or in your in your computer, after that direct it to the source driver which you downloaded. (u can download them from Now select the proper driver for your windws...Voila!
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I have confirmed my theory, it is my outdated router that is causing me to not connect to wifi, I will be buying a new one shortly. For now I will use my apad and sit on the bench outside my house so I can steal neighbor's wifi.
Hi guys!Just got my blue led and I'm looking forward in giving a hand in testing.
Rom loaded no problems, every thing works great. Thanks Roger this is way better than the stock rom. Btw, i have a blue led version with a red led (uses upper usb port by the sd card). Thanks again!
roger or anyone with an Apad, is it possible to poll for what the wifi module is for this ROM? I heard the newer blue LED Apads are now shipping with different wifi modules than the original (Samsung?). Not 100% sure. Which module is this ROM built for?
It really works, thanx.About wifi, it turn on and successfully connect WAP enc. point., but it can't conect to WAP2 point.
[quote name='xaueious;28192]roger or anyone with an Apad' date=' is it possible to poll for what the wifi module is for this ROM? I heard the newer blue LED Apads are now shipping with different wifi modules than the original (Samsung?). Not 100% sure. Which module is this ROM built for?[/QUOTE']Could be true, I just tested another blue LED with a red LED (?!?!?) and it just says unable to start wi-fi. Works okay with the ROM.I now have three blue LED aPads, each having to run a different ROM to get everything working.
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