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HannsTitan v0.4
Custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) rom for Hannspree Hannspad

If you're new to custom roms, check out Dolphine's guide here

Based on the work done in the following roms:
Tap 'n' Tap
Brilliant Corners
Mountain Laurel

- Zeam launcher
- Stock android taskbar
- Stock android settings
- Hardware acceleration
- Full Android market (After market fix below)
- Honeycomb music player
- Duomax's divx ac3 playback fix
- Volume louder than TnT Lite
- Rooted
- It's quick and stable!

New stock kernel build
Updated framework files included
Removed non-working apk's intalled in 0.3.1
Build.prop updated slightly
Fixed stretched default wallpaper
Updated Zeam to latest version
Zeam has its default file name market updates may work now (need to wait on a new release to test it)
Updated build.prop to walkerx's latest version
Added /sdcard2 and /usbdisk to mount points so all storage shows up in settings
Included Multi Mount SD-Card Lite widget to mount /sdcard2 as usb mass storage (must use its widget)
Internal sdcard nomedia fix - stops files on the internal sdcard from being deleted
Reverted bootanimation
Added gTabWallPaper app
Minor update to include market fix
Initial public release

Known issues
- Google apps accounts can now sign in after signing in with a normal google account, however now sync options will be shown (normal google accounts working fine)
- Wifi light not working
- Some users report issues with the device being unable to wake from sleep while others seem unaffected
- Files on /sdcard2 may get deleted on reboot due to a fatal flaw in the version of android Tap 'n' Tap is based on, workaround below

Install instructions
Assuming you have CWM already installed, make a backup of any installed apps you don't want to lose.

You still need to do the market fix (detailed below - "Market Fix Only") after installing the update!

1. Copy to sdcard root
2. Reboot in CWM
3. Delete data/factory reset is recommended
4. Install zip the usual way
5. Reboot

Give it a few minutes to settle after the first boot as the media scanner runs straight away and might make it feel sluggish. It takes a second for Zeam Launcher to pop into life too.

Market Fix
0.3.1 includes the latest market fix
After setting up wifi and adding a Google account:
1. Go to "Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> GoogleServicesFramework" and press "Clear data" then "Force close"
2. You can do the same with the Market EXCEPT "Clear cache" NOT "Clear data" - although I never had to do this
3. Reboot straight away
4. Wait for WiFi to connect and open Market, if it gives you a server error, reboot again

Please try and keep this thread clear of honeycomb questions, there are others on the forums and no, I am not currently developing a honeycomb rom!

Special Thanks
roebeet + gojimi for their work on the original roms
Nosferatu Alucard for the honeycomb music player
duomax for the ac3 libs
boot animation from
walkerx for help with the build.prop for the market fix/gazbert for his original findings
Everyone else who's reported issues or gave compliments, it all helps


Note that this update will remove the previous non-working mount widget and gtabwallpaper application
0.4 Update from 0.3.1
You must have 0.3.1 installed first!
HannsTitan v0.4 Update

Full ROM
Please save my bandwidth and only download the full rom if you need to, the link above will update your rom from previous versions of HannsTitan
0.4: HannsTitan v0.4

Important note if you are using an external SD card
Download and extract the file linked in this post to the root of your external sdcard. By root I mean not in any folders. You do not need to do this to the internal sdcard as the 0.3.1 update installs this automatically.

- If you wish to mount your external usb storage to copy files to and from your computer, it will be necessary to download an app from the market to do it, have a look on the market for "usb mount widget" or something similar to help you. This is due to a limitation of android and not a bug in this rom.
- Yes, you still have to do the market fix
- Yes, HDMI out does work fine, if it doesn't work for you check if your TV supports 1080p
- The rom has all android telephony related files removed Settings > About > Status does not work for this reason
- This rom uses the stock Tap 'n' Tap ui kernel, it does not support overclocking!
- External SD Cards are mounted as /sdcard2, if the kernel ever supports USB OTG usb hard drives are mounted as /usbdisk
- Titan uses Zeam Launcher because it is lightweight, you can replace this with anything you like, you are not stuck with it
- Recent apps popup is by and large caused by a smudge or heavy fingerprint on the Home softbutton, try cleaning it


- If you post an issue try and leave as much detail as possible, including steps on how to reproduce the issue! Just posting "my screen freezes" isn't helpful in the slightest, thanks!



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I just upgraded from TnT Lite without a wipe and aside from having to delete and replace the widgets on launcher pro it seems fine.

I did notice some duplicate icons in the appropriate drawer using zeam

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just downloaded the rom, just backing up some stuff on my memory card then will install it

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Definitely. Considering the specs + great battery life it's a complete steal at the prices around just now.

On the note of battery...

Update: wifi is set to never sleep by default in this rom, if you need to conserve battery power I recommend changing it back

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i'm gonna say one word....


installed without issues after forgot to move file from ext card to internal

updated market and restored my apps - now for a play with it

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This ROM is really great

Only thing I noticed is that I still sometimes have the bug that the recent Apps window keeps popping up
several times in a Row...

But other than that I could not find anything negative yet ^^

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I had some issues with the keyboard and sometimes the touch screen got all wonky where the touch was recognized wrongly. A forced reboot brought it back to normal. I still think there is not a big advantage to honeycomb Roms. I also couldn't watch flash content reliably and had crashes while doing so. There need to be still serious bug outing to do in this rom. Other than that the rom is quite fast

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Which model version do you have fireymango?

Do you have the original as well Nosferatu or an updated one? I've not experienced any of these issues so i'm wondering if it's to do with the different revisions or not

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IT Works fast and stable!

Home/Set/Back Buttons are good when you are sitting in a dark room.
Market not currently showing all apps, like dolphin Browser, but its ok.

Gmail and the other apps look like apps on my mobile.
On the honeycomb they are for tablet optimized.
Is there a way to optimized it for your 2.2 too?

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Sounds like this might be the new ROM to go far.

You mention backing up any Apps you want to keep with CWM, I'm not exactly sure how I would go about just backing up the apps?

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First of all I'd like to thank for your affords to make this tablet as usefull as possible. Altough my english isn't that bad using the tablet in my native language is way more comfortable.

The rom works like a charm and feels really quick. The missing items in the market are a bit annoying but I think that this might be resolved sometimes. The standard android settings menue is missing the setting for automatic brightness, is it because of this rom doesn't make use of the light sensor?

Edit: I can't use the ES File Explorer to get on my shared files. Can someone confirm that?
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