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[ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.3d][2.3.5 beta]
Hey all. Been a while since my last release of s3vo for the evo which was sense based, but I really wanted to start learning android and have a better perspective of it. I decided to dig a bit more into compiling android. Started horsing around with github and learned to start compiling my own builds from aosp wih the help from cmsrc, evervolv, and a few others githubs. Since the release of gingerbread to aosp, i moved away from sense. There are things that i do miss about sense, but the usability of the phone without it is just unmatched imho. Many people use or have used cyanogenmod. IMHO is a great open source project that has some of the best devs out there. I have always been more into the 'vanilla' look opposed to the themed and aftermarket. Recently i have been compiling gingerbread for the evo and mt4g and have had nothing but the best reviews. Basically the reason why i am here. Wondering if there was any interest in a few of my builds. Main reason from moving away from CM6/7 (cyanogenmod), ADW launcher and the extra added bloat and themes. Currently as i look at my phone, my battery stats have me at 31 hours and counting with 15% left. So battery life as you can tell was one of my main concerns. Everything works!!!

1.3d build is based off 2.3.5. (Thanks cm team) and cm kernel (thanks cm team). And YES it has Wimax AND HDMI Mirroring. (thanks teamwin)
gingerbread-evo-deck-1.2(x) - 2.3.4 Video - Thanks Dash

1.2.1 build is based off 2.3.4. (Thanks cm team) and cm kernel (thanks cm team). And YES it has Wimax AND HDMI Mirroring. (thanks teamwin)
gingerbread-evo-deck-1.2(x) - 2.3.4 Video - Thanks Dash

1.0 build is based off 2.3.3. (Thanks cm team) and cm kernel (thanks cm team). And YES it has Wimax AND HDMI Mirroring. (thanks teamwin)
gingerbread-evo-deck-1.0 - 2.3.3 Video - Thanks D/\SH

There is *nothing* that doesnt work anymore on 1.0. If an app that you are used to using from a 2.2/sense rom doesnt work, chances are that app hasnt been recompiled for gingerbread. Please bug the app author and not me

*!* By downloading any files, ROMs, and or apks, you verify that you have the appropriate licenses for all software contained within *!*​

l assume no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your phone.

Before flashing your phone, please make sure you are completely rooted.
For information about rooting, please go to:
[ROOT] ~~~ HTC EVO - Universal Auto Root ~~~ v2.3 (works with all version)(2/13/11) - xda-developers
After flashing your phone, please make sure you update to the latest radio, wimax, nv, and pri:
For information about updating your radio, wimax, nv, and pri, please go to:
[ Radios ][ 12-17 ] All EVO Radio, WiMAX, PRI, NV & HBoot versions - xda-developers
Special Thanks to: CyanogenMod Team, and Team Win, where most of the source came from, preludedrew and evervolv team, which helped me tremendously get my feet off he ground with android. And the originals, Calkulin, No2Chem, GGuruUSA, Colonel00, Conflipper, AstainHellbring, LennySH, NexVision, CLHatch, Chainfire, JooJooBee666, and Polargoat for putting up with me for many years and always helping me out.

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gingerbread evo 1.3d beta
gapps 8-22-2011
gapps 8-22-2011 with Voicemail.apk

*Official thread and ALL Downloads*
*Issue Tracker*

*Install Instructions*
1. Reboot into recovery. I use Amon's recovery.
2. *optional* make a nandroid backup.
3. Wipe Everything.
4. Flash gingerbread rom zip.
6. Flash gapps zip.
6a. Flash Kernel *if you are using a custom kernel as Tiamat or Savaged-Zen*
7. Reboot.
8. Enjoy gingerbread!
9. *optional* Once your apps have been restored and everything is up and running, if you want Gtalk with voice and video, flash the Gtalk zip.

DEVELOPERS SUPPORT THREAD: Gingerbread-Evo-Deck Support
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