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[ROM] Emulator / XBox360 Controller Mod 1-21-2011

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This is not my ROM. All credit goes to tjc2k4.

[ROM] Emulator / XBox360 Controller Mod 1-21-2011

Here's my first custom ROM for the A7.

It has support for Microsoft's XBox 360 controllers and some bundled emulators. Wired controllers just plug in to the USB port. Wireless controllers need the USB Receiver for PCs. This makes a great combo for a portable gaming station with the HDMI output.

XBox 360 Controller:
The controller can be used for some basic navigation around Android OS. The buttons need to be configured in each emulator.
They are mapped to key presses as follows:
A = A
B = B
X = X
Y = Y
Left Bumper = L
Right Bumper = R
Left Trigger = T
Right Trigger = Z
Left Stick Click = 0
Right Stick Click = 1
DPad = Left/Right/Up/Down (in landscape mode. it will be sideways in portait mode)
Start = ENTER
Xbox Guide = HOME

The emulators included are free/lite ones from the market place. If you like them or to save state, purchase the full versions. The script that installs these is supposed to only do it once, so they should be easy to uninstall if you don't want them.
ConnectBot and Dolphin Mini Browser are also installed on the first boot of this ROM.

The ROM automatically sets up ADB to listen over tcp on port 2323. This will make your device a little less secure but makes development and debug much faster for me. To disable this open a command prompt and type:
setprop services.adb.tcp.port -1
stop adbd
start adbd
You will have to do that every reboot to disable adb over tcp.

This is built off Dexter's 1.1 Mod, so all his changes should be in here too. GMail and Market seem to work fine.

To Install:
Copy to an sdcard and put it in the tablet. Power down the tablet. Enter recovery mode. Wipe the Cache. Wipe user data. Install from the sdcard.

Known Oddities:
The LED ring on the wireless remotes will flash the entire time, but it functions fine.
The LED ring on a wired controller will advance by 1 section each time the device sleeps/wakes up.
The controller sends all its keys on first connection.
Only 1 controller input is supported for now. The wireless receiver supports upto 4 so hopefully I can get some multiplayer going soon!


Try it out and give me some feedback

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