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[ROM] ElocityBlur *EARLY BETA* v0.1

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This is not my ROM. All credit goes to Dexter_nlb.

[ROM] ElocityBlur *EARLY BETA* v0.1

Blur edition of Elocity tegra2 based software ready.
If you don't know Blur, its wellknown from motorola models and has a different layer of a launcher using resizable gadgets and other features.

What is not working:
- Bluetooth cannot be activated
- Native Move2Sdcard function does not work (Kernel issue, and we got no opensource kernel yet)
this cause some Market downloads to fail, so you know.
- compass (have not worked on fixing it yet)
- flashplayer dont work well..

its really not perfect, but it got a nice browsing experience and launcher is not that bad, and it got full internal/external sdcard support.

Download beta v0.1 here
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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