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Hello everybody,

This FW has been compiled by kornyone (Archos 7H V1) at the base (thank you to him for this excellent work), I made a mix with pieces of my FW SlimFast for G1 Android 1.6,this is beta off course!

I want to thank chriscsh (7H Archos V1) who compile the framework_res.apk which allows us to have icons in the status bar.

Do not work:

The USB connection to PC (possible repair)
No internal memory in Explorer (possible repair)
Play video (avi not repairable MP4 OK)
Others little détails certainly

Change log :


Changed and modified boot.img
Changed kernel
Changed recovery
Added Bootloader 4.09
Added 316Mo for the applications
Changed the wlan.ko
Modified buil.prop
Modified Vold.conf
Added firmware RK2808a
Last Market 2.2.26 (after update work)
ADW Launcher
Added Screen Calibration at first boot
New framework (circle icons and colors changed)
Google Sync
Audio Manager (Menu sound no work)
Added script Compcache 24Mo
New Music.apk
180° rotation (With RotateD)
[ROM] Rocktab Donut v1.0 bêta :

kornyone & chriscsh Archos communauty

I'm not responsible, ect ........... lol.

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Rocktab Donut 1.6 in Line
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