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[rom] CyanogenMod 10

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Supported tablets

* Mediacom 907c, Momo11 Bird, JXD S9000, Eken A90 (first revision) and clones need
* Visture V3 and clones need compatibility zip.
* Mediacom 910i, Teclast A10t and clones need compatibility zip.
* ICOO D90W and clones need compatibility zip.
* CEMA10N7 "unknown" device needs compatibility zip.
* Bmorn V99 needs compatibility zip
* Mediacom 711i, Momo9 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXL needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N83 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Hyundai A7HD needs compatibility zip
* MOMO9 needs compatibility zip
* Onda Vi40 V3 needs compatibility zip
* LY-F1 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXLv2 needs compatibility zip
* TNT Singularity and clones need compatibility zip
* Eken T01 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T02 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V1 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V2 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V3 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a (unknown version) needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 with mxc622x g-sensor needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N10 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Onda Vi30 Deluxe V3 needs
* Onda Vi40 Ultimate needs
* Onda Vi10 Elite needs
* Ainol Novo7 Elf needs
* Sanei N83 Deluxe needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v3 needs compatibility zip (you find it in 3rd_party section)

Tablets supported with legacy support (see FAQS section for more infos)

* Mediacom 917i and 927i need comp zip
* Gemei G2 needs comp zip
* Gemei G9 (those not working fine with "regular" 907c comp zip) needs comp zip
* Sanei N90 needs comp zip
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v1 and v2 need
* MK802 PC-on-a-stick needs

You can check "testing" section of my AndroidFileHost space to find out few more tablets that require some testing to be approved

You can get them on this website

Known Bugs


* Bluetooth USB dongle support (btusb and ath3k)
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* NTFS and ExFat support
* Veno congestion control algorithm


* !!! IMPORTANT !!! You need a /system partition of at least 300 MB or you have to avoid flashing gapps !!! IMPORTANT !!!
* Upload zips to MicroSD or internal memory.
* Boot into CWM keeping pressed VOL- (MENU) and POWER for 3 secs, than release POWER and after another sec release VOL- (or use Novo7 tools if it doesn't work for your device)
* Select "wipe data/factory reset"
* Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" (or "choose zip from internal sdcard" if your files are into internal memory) and flash, in this order, rom / gapps / compatibility zip
* Now go back, and select "Reboot system now"
* Enjoy cm10

Note: when you update to a newer build you don't need to do a full wipe, you just have to wipe cache and dalvik cache


build 2012-09-13

*** This will be the latest release. Rom development is now discontinued since I moved to other SoCs ***
* Spoofed as Nexus 7 (if you have any trouble with Play Store clear both "Google services framework" and "Google play store" data)
* Fixed FC on license check of some games (specially gameloft one)
* Fixed camera picture capture
* Bluetooth dongle now supports hotplug
* Different options under "Settings" if you're using tablet or phablet UI (for example to customize status bar toggles)
* Experimental: older surfaceflinger library, let's see if it really improves performance with some games or it is only placebo
* Re-added move 2 internal SD feature
* Updated upstream sources


* 2012-07-26


* HW accelerated playback of local contents is limited to few files format but there's a nice workaround: since network playback works flawlessly we'll install an UPNP server that will automatically open our files from the loopback network interface. In this case stagefright player will kick in and will play every file without any trouble.
Install both MX Player and BubbleUPNP from Play store. Open BubbleUPNP and from "Library" section select the file to play. Choose MX Player as default player and enjoy the HW accelerated video playback
* If you wanna use the "phablet" ui change the entry "ro.disable_phablet_ui=1" to "ro.disable_phablet_ui=0" in file /system/build.prop (note that USB connection will work only in "phablet" mode)


* Github repository

repo init -u [URL=git://]git://[/URL] -b jellybean
paste these lines inside file ".repo/manifests/local_manifest.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br />
<manifest><br />
  <remote  name="github" fetch="git://" /><br />
  <remove-project name="hardware/libhardware"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/av"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/native"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/base"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/core"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/vold"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/bluetooth"/><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_device_907" path="device/softwinner/907" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_hardware_realtek" path="hardware/realtek" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_hardware_libhardware" path="hardware/libhardware" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_av" path="frameworks/av" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_native" path="frameworks/native" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_base" path="frameworks/base" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_core" path="system/core" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_vold" path="system/vold" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_bluetooth" path="system/bluetooth" /><br />
now type this command

repo sync -j8
finally you're ready to build it

lunch cm_907-userdebug && mka

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I have a Ainol Novo Aurora V3 with CM9.
This CM10 I install from CWM CM9, or need to do something before that?
What this line mean? !!! IMPORTANT !!! You need a /system partition of at least 300 MB or you have to avoid flashing gapps !!! IMPORTANT !!!

Sorry for my bad english!
Many thanks!
Hi, is there a mirror fit this I got 404 errors for compatibilities and for ROM.

I want to flash a Sandi n10 / ampe a10 tablet.

So I need this ones:

Build 2012-09-13

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
I need compatibility mode for the Ainol Advanced 2. Does anyone have it? Thanks in advance
hello all, a friend just moved cyanogenmog version 10.2, fast and good but SEVERAL negative, the rotation is not working and when I plays video in HD with HW in its every 2 seconds a tssst, and I tried all readers available on the store and I discovered that this rom is based on Sxelrom 3.0 and I already had this worries there, out with version 1.1 everything was NCCE nickel rotation and video. Would you have a tutorial to remove cyanogenmod time corrections I return in kind official firmware 1.7, thank you for your help and I hope I made the return will make it evolve in the right direction because it is a wonderful project . I also encountered a bug when I ask to put out the restart of 7300 alone.
I already wondered about this issue regarding Christian Troy's cm9 roms ( but it is the same here.

Why are the links to the rom and gapps files no longer working

whereas the compatibility files still are?

What I can I do, if I want to install this cm10 rom on my Mediacom 907c device?

Thanks and best regards!
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Mi tablet es una SANEI N10 DUAL CORE 3G.
Me gustaría ponerle CyanogenMod, pero no encuentro nada para mi tablet en concreto.
Ayudarme por favor.

Muchas gracias!!



My tablet is a SANEI N10 DUAL CORE 3G version.
I would like put CyanogenMod, but I don't find anything about my tablet.
Please help me.

Thank you so much!!
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I greet very warmly, I am looking. firmware CyanogenMod for the final stable version 9.1.0 or 10.0, to Allwiner A10 Modecom 9701 HD Tablet X1.

I ask for any help :)

Sincerely whitewolf1608
Can you provide me the link for the firmware of xtouch x807? i badly need it. thanks

Anybody has this firmware? please send me a link to download. Thanks in advance
Please reupload compatybility zips for all tablets - the site dont have from 1st post it anymore (Propoble deleted or user deleted account on this site)
Please reupload compatybility zips for all tablets - the site dont have from 1st post it anymore (Propoble deleted or user deleted account on this site)
Hi Butcher696,

you have my sympathy. I too would very much need those files, but I don't really know how to compile them myself. Theoretically this should be possible with the source code still available in Christian Troy's github. Maybe you want to give it a go? If you succeed, please share the files...

See this issue:
I know his site - i thinked first some one have some files to reupload . No problem to compile own bot thinked some reupload and will by faster. I buyed for 5$ 100% working flytouch 8 32gb and now wonted to install some CM on it . I know tablet is from 2012 and support on thi site was last 2014 and many files are down and no copy on net. But shame that not or on any site have a mirror of this compatibility packs
Could someone please upload the file

The link is already dead :[

I would be very grateful.
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