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[rom] CyanogenMod 10

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Supported tablets

* Mediacom 907c, Momo11 Bird, JXD S9000, Eken A90 (first revision) and clones need
* Visture V3 and clones need compatibility zip.
* Mediacom 910i, Teclast A10t and clones need compatibility zip.
* ICOO D90W and clones need compatibility zip.
* CEMA10N7 "unknown" device needs compatibility zip.
* Bmorn V99 needs compatibility zip
* Mediacom 711i, Momo9 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXL needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N83 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Hyundai A7HD needs compatibility zip
* MOMO9 needs compatibility zip
* Onda Vi40 V3 needs compatibility zip
* LY-F1 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXLv2 needs compatibility zip
* TNT Singularity and clones need compatibility zip
* Eken T01 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T02 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V1 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V2 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V3 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a (unknown version) needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 with mxc622x g-sensor needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N10 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Onda Vi30 Deluxe V3 needs
* Onda Vi40 Ultimate needs
* Onda Vi10 Elite needs
* Ainol Novo7 Elf needs
* Sanei N83 Deluxe needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v3 needs compatibility zip (you find it in 3rd_party section)

Tablets supported with legacy support (see FAQS section for more infos)

* Mediacom 917i and 927i need comp zip
* Gemei G2 needs comp zip
* Gemei G9 (those not working fine with "regular" 907c comp zip) needs comp zip
* Sanei N90 needs comp zip
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v1 and v2 need
* MK802 PC-on-a-stick needs

You can check "testing" section of my AndroidFileHost space to find out few more tablets that require some testing to be approved

You can get them on this website

Known Bugs


* Bluetooth USB dongle support (btusb and ath3k)
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* NTFS and ExFat support
* Veno congestion control algorithm


* !!! IMPORTANT !!! You need a /system partition of at least 300 MB or you have to avoid flashing gapps !!! IMPORTANT !!!
* Upload zips to MicroSD or internal memory.
* Boot into CWM keeping pressed VOL- (MENU) and POWER for 3 secs, than release POWER and after another sec release VOL- (or use Novo7 tools if it doesn't work for your device)
* Select "wipe data/factory reset"
* Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" (or "choose zip from internal sdcard" if your files are into internal memory) and flash, in this order, rom / gapps / compatibility zip
* Now go back, and select "Reboot system now"
* Enjoy cm10

Note: when you update to a newer build you don't need to do a full wipe, you just have to wipe cache and dalvik cache


build 2012-09-13

*** This will be the latest release. Rom development is now discontinued since I moved to other SoCs ***
* Spoofed as Nexus 7 (if you have any trouble with Play Store clear both "Google services framework" and "Google play store" data)
* Fixed FC on license check of some games (specially gameloft one)
* Fixed camera picture capture
* Bluetooth dongle now supports hotplug
* Different options under "Settings" if you're using tablet or phablet UI (for example to customize status bar toggles)
* Experimental: older surfaceflinger library, let's see if it really improves performance with some games or it is only placebo
* Re-added move 2 internal SD feature
* Updated upstream sources


* 2012-07-26


* HW accelerated playback of local contents is limited to few files format but there's a nice workaround: since network playback works flawlessly we'll install an UPNP server that will automatically open our files from the loopback network interface. In this case stagefright player will kick in and will play every file without any trouble.
Install both MX Player and BubbleUPNP from Play store. Open BubbleUPNP and from "Library" section select the file to play. Choose MX Player as default player and enjoy the HW accelerated video playback
* If you wanna use the "phablet" ui change the entry "ro.disable_phablet_ui=1" to "ro.disable_phablet_ui=0" in file /system/build.prop (note that USB connection will work only in "phablet" mode)


* Github repository

repo init -u [URL=git://]git://[/URL] -b jellybean
paste these lines inside file ".repo/manifests/local_manifest.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br />
<manifest><br />
  <remote  name="github" fetch="git://" /><br />
  <remove-project name="hardware/libhardware"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/av"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/native"/><br />
  <remove-project name="frameworks/base"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/core"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/vold"/><br />
  <remove-project name="system/bluetooth"/><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_device_907" path="device/softwinner/907" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_hardware_realtek" path="hardware/realtek" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_hardware_libhardware" path="hardware/libhardware" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_av" path="frameworks/av" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_native" path="frameworks/native" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_frameworks_base" path="frameworks/base" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_core" path="system/core" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_vold" path="system/vold" /><br />
  <project remote="github" revision="jellybean-cm" name="christiantroy/android_system_bluetooth" path="system/bluetooth" /><br />
now type this command

repo sync -j8
finally you're ready to build it

lunch cm_907-userdebug && mka

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I have seen this:

Hi Kirk,

Ployer will be releasing a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) Firmware mid to late August across all their models, Momo11 Bird included. I'll get it in a few weeks time to test out and will provide the link once it becomes available in due course.

Best regards
GTR Electronics
It's a good news, i hope they make a neutral one to.
camera fixed... today i'll upload a new build
waaaou ! you're the best! rear and front ?
GTR electronics announce a first release of JB for momo11 bird on end of this month.
Perhaps you can copy libs, if it's the same kernel.

I see your preview3 on code google, download it and test ....

first test:

- cameras (front/rear) don't work, fc on camera app (unable to connect).
i do a lsmod and modules are not loaded (gt2005 and gc0308)
i do a insmod but "exec format error"

bad news
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What device? If you ate using the regular comp zip maybe you need the legacy camera modules, I don't have the link here but they were present on update me in cm9.
Camera works, I've spent at least 18 hours to make it work.
device is MPMAN MP959 (MOMO11Bird/SmartPad907c) (907c_comp 1.2)
ok, thanks for the way, i delete modules on and reflash all.

Ok modules gc0308 and gt2005 are now loaded (live 0x000000000)
but camera app won't run (can't connect).
dont touch anything, just flash that legacy file because it will overwrite the modules
btw i'm using the same comp zip and it work, but for example scroll extreme uses 907c comp zip but needs the legacy modules or camera wont work properly
ok, i flash to overwrite modules but it doesn't work (modules are not loaded and app won't work.
What do you mean "legacy file" ?
ok, i flash to overwrite modules but it doesn't work (modules are not loaded and app won't work.
What do you mean "legacy file" ?
If i flash with camera modules, modules are not loaded.
If i reflash preview3 and modified (without camera modules), modules are loaded and live.

EDIT: ok, i find the way !!!

i modify (delete gc0308,gt2005 and sun4i_csi0)

I reflash preview3 and this mod Now, front camera work ! (no rear camera)
907c comp zip doesn't have any camera module inside...
Humm ... i see, i have a modded (i don't renember i made it for CM9) , it's mistake. i'm sorry
those that have problems with camera can flash the stock camera modules like you did on cm9: link
I did what you say and now, both cameras are working, thanks CT
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@ ChristianTroy

You give rom manager on preview3.
CWM work with external SD (for backup/restore and install)
Rom Manager work with internal SD
So, it's difficult to use both without moving all things from internal to external and vice versa.
Do you know if there is a tweak to force Rom Manager using external sd ?

Installation of Preview4 on MP959 (Smartpad907c)

You must install 907c_comp just after prev4. If you install comp after gapps, touchscreen don't work.

Problem with cameras:

If i install prev4 + 907c_comp : only front camera work
If i install prev4 + 907c_comp + camera_module36 : no camera works

For both cameras working,
you must delete sun4i_csi1.ko in camera_stock_modules_36
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i have 2 camera icons to.

look on parameters/applications:

the first is: camera version 1 --> you can desactivate (not delete)
the second is: gallery (?) --> you must keep it, it's the good one
Fantastic job, CT !

With MX Player and MKV H264 720p /1080p:
- video work very smoothly on HW
- audio DTS don't work (HW or SW)
- audio AC3 work only on SW
I've just noticed that all my Developer Options in Settings are all greyed out on the latest version on Elf v.1. I can't enable USB debugging or change any animation settings. This was on a clean build 2012-08-22 install. with

Any ideas - I can't use ADB at all because of this & Titanium Backup keeps on asking for USB_debugging to be enabled but funnily enough it seems to work okay.
look at top right to enable options
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I've a trick for you that I've discovered while doing CM9 for RK3066... to play EVERY file with HW acceleration install BubbleUPNP and play even local files from that app (that sets up an UPNP server), in this case stagefright player kicks in and it works perfectly
Thanks for your tips, video play in hw but always no AC3/DTS sound
Is anyone else seeing the signal strength icon in the system tray? How do I remove it?
edit build.prop and change "hw.nophone=false" to "hw.nophone=true"

or add it
Hi christian.

There is a big bug on 0902:

When you edit a text and move the blue cursor in all text apps, there is a force close !

test in: boat browser, stock browser, search bar, openoffice, etc ...

(MP959 - 907C clone)
If you want to enable DTS on CM10

1 - Download last version of MXplayer (1.7.1)
2 - Download this codec pack >>
3 - extract this rar in folder on /sdcard
4 - Configure MXplayer to use this codec folder and sw decode

That's all
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