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[ROM]CyanogenMod 10 [UPDATED: 12-11-17]

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Christian Troy has been kind enough to release a Fire Compatible CWM AND A Fire compatible CM10!
The ROM is stable, but the compatibility file needs more work. This ROM uses Feiyu 0930 Kernel.

Features (Ripped from Aurora II post)

* UbiFS (like stock roms)
* Bluetooth USB dongle support
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* Veno congestion control algorithm

Before flashing a fresh CM rom please wipe media partition with stock recovery then continue with below instructions

1. Extract uImage_recovery from CWM- to external SD card (XX is QM or TM)
2. Copy, and to the external SD card
3. Reboot the tablet in CWM recovery mode (Power + Volume -)
4. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and confirm the format
5. Choose "Install zip from SD card", select "Choose Zip from SD card" and select first.
6. Next select
7. Lastly select (You can then apply any patches if available)
8. Reboot the tablet


* Other minor stuff
* Updated upstream sources

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)

Compatibility zip

* Fire TM v1.5 - CWM v5.5.0.4
* Fire QM v1.6 - CWM v5.5.0.4
Auto Brightness will increase, but may not decrease. Please comment if Auto brightness is fully working for you or not.
There are some pics of it.

If you feel this has benefited you, please donate to him!

Please post any comments or issues you have with the ROM here.
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Can't wait for autorotate to work properly, that's my only gripe with this ROM atm. I use the tablet for ebook reading a lot and being stuck in one mode kinda sucks
In RC3 this is fully working.

Problems i have seen so far :

- When i browse by the Help of ES file Explorer to "External_SDCard" it says that the folder is empty, but when i am using the sd card on my windows pc i can see the contents

- My device is getting a lot hotter than on flambee V15

- Camera is still not working

But the ROM is much faster than ever before.

Thx anyway
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non proper written app (like es file explorer) that don't fetch paths from environmental variables act like this. If you use "solid explorer" or you point "es file explorer" to /storage/sdcard1 you'll find your microsd

i installed solid explorer, an i still don't see the sdcard.

but he is pointing to storage/sdcard0/external_sdcard

is this correct?

i started again from scratch with your latest release.

I am using the QM files.

- Front camera is working and taking pictures and recording videos
- Back camera is working and taking pictures and recording videos

this seems to be fine now.

the only thing i can see is that the tablet is getting a lot hotter than with flambee

Issue :

The camera is inverted, so when i turn left it turns right and when i take a picture of text, this is mirrored.
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Will you buy a Fire device ?

in my case both cameras are inverted , front and back camera. --> only when once used the front camera, after restart the camera is again normal.

i was trying the camera by the native app and by starting it out of the gallery.

and it seems that the lockscreen on this V1.0 won't rotate, but on the RC5 it was rotating.

thanks for your work
i have a problem by installing this application :


the store is saying that this application is not compatible with my device...

i changed max cpu frequency to 1200, it seems better now, thx

looking forward to be a part of this genius build.

the playstore is reacting 10 x faster than before.
does fire have a light sensor? it's disabled in the current build but if you enable automatic brightness from settings does it work? I guess it's required a different sensors library
yes it seems that it has a light sensor, because on flambee rom this was working.

after doing a clean install of your latest packages, i am unable to use the wifi of my fire QM device.

By toggling the wifi switch it is trying to activate, but after a certain time it is going back to off.

best regards
the only thing that comes to my mind is that i've deleted a file by mistake, but it doesn't hurt elf... try to flash this that will replace that file, flash it after the comp zip
ok this fix is working for my qm device.

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