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[ROM]CyanogenMod 10 [UPDATED: 12-11-17]

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Christian Troy has been kind enough to release a Fire Compatible CWM AND A Fire compatible CM10!
The ROM is stable, but the compatibility file needs more work. This ROM uses Feiyu 0930 Kernel.

Features (Ripped from Aurora II post)

* UbiFS (like stock roms)
* Bluetooth USB dongle support
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* Veno congestion control algorithm

Before flashing a fresh CM rom please wipe media partition with stock recovery then continue with below instructions

1. Extract uImage_recovery from CWM- to external SD card (XX is QM or TM)
2. Copy, and to the external SD card
3. Reboot the tablet in CWM recovery mode (Power + Volume -)
4. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and confirm the format
5. Choose "Install zip from SD card", select "Choose Zip from SD card" and select first.
6. Next select
7. Lastly select (You can then apply any patches if available)
8. Reboot the tablet


* Other minor stuff
* Updated upstream sources

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)

Compatibility zip

* Fire TM v1.5 - CWM v5.5.0.4
* Fire QM v1.6 - CWM v5.5.0.4
Auto Brightness will increase, but may not decrease. Please comment if Auto brightness is fully working for you or not.
There are some pics of it.

If you feel this has benefited you, please donate to him!

Please post any comments or issues you have with the ROM here.
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No freaking way!!
Couldn't thank you enough!

A few questions, though.

Is the provided CWM safe for use on the fire i.e does it use one of the newer Feiyu Kernels?

Also, is this ROM based of the older source code which does not have the required fixes for the touch screen?
Rom installed as expected.
It boots and appears to be quite fast actually! (Especially when waking up from sleep!)

Auto-rotate appears to be very buggy and my cameras will not work!

Great work Christian! I'm looking forwards to future builds!
Anyone else having the whistling sound? (sounds like a broken hard drive, lol)
Currently I could only reproduce it when having USB charging and wifi on. Usb charging + wifi off is fine. Wifi on it is also, but wifi on and usb charging it bugs for some reason. (didn't have that on Flambe)
Never had that.
Thank you :)

I just found another issue, when I play songs on every music player and I lock the tablet the music starts sounding chopped.
Does it happen to everyone?
Happens to me too.
Just curious, what fire do you have Christian (If you have it yet)? a QM or TM?
Also, when did you order it?
Hero is 4.1 like crystal and they use the legacy (aka v0) hwc.
They have to rework it completely. My guess is that amlogic will do it for its next quad core
Am I right in thinking even if they did do it for the quad - that would be useless for us and so we are stuck on 4.1?
Correct but why do you need 4.2 so badly?
Actually it looks like windows ME... a completely buggy release
Too be honest, I am extremely greatful for the work you have done with CM10. It's just a little disappointing to know that the tablet will likely not be compatible with 4.3, 4.4 etc or anything beyond! It was nice to be on the bleeding edge

Still, thanks to you we have a rock solid JB with even better performance!

I can't complain!
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How to set min and max cpu on this firmware? I see it had been diabled, so i must change it from
Any way to change it direct in setting?
No. You have to ultimately edit the build.prop and restart.

You can use apps such as ROM toolbox to do this for you!
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