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[ROM]CyanogenMod 10 [UPDATED: 12-11-17]

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Christian Troy has been kind enough to release a Fire Compatible CWM AND A Fire compatible CM10!
The ROM is stable, but the compatibility file needs more work. This ROM uses Feiyu 0930 Kernel.

Features (Ripped from Aurora II post)

* UbiFS (like stock roms)
* Bluetooth USB dongle support
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* Veno congestion control algorithm

Before flashing a fresh CM rom please wipe media partition with stock recovery then continue with below instructions

1. Extract uImage_recovery from CWM- to external SD card (XX is QM or TM)
2. Copy, and to the external SD card
3. Reboot the tablet in CWM recovery mode (Power + Volume -)
4. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and confirm the format
5. Choose "Install zip from SD card", select "Choose Zip from SD card" and select first.
6. Next select
7. Lastly select (You can then apply any patches if available)
8. Reboot the tablet


* Other minor stuff
* Updated upstream sources

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)

Compatibility zip

* Fire TM v1.5 - CWM v5.5.0.4
* Fire QM v1.6 - CWM v5.5.0.4
Auto Brightness will increase, but may not decrease. Please comment if Auto brightness is fully working for you or not.
There are some pics of it.

If you feel this has benefited you, please donate to him!

Please post any comments or issues you have with the ROM here.
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No freaking way!!
Couldn't thank you enough!

A few questions, though.

Is the provided CWM safe for use on the fire i.e does it use one of the newer Feiyu Kernels?

Also, is this ROM based of the older source code which does not have the required fixes for the touch screen?
The CWM recovery is based off of the Feiyu 0930 Kernel. It should not break touch screens.
The ROM is built from CM10 Source. The release itself is the same release in the Elf II and Aurora II forums. You just need to flash the Fire compatibility zip on top of it. It uses the 0930 feiyu kernel and should not break touch screens.
Why did you make this post and not Christian Troy?
because he's too busy coding i guess? Also, I already asked if it was a problem, and he said it's ok.
I've updated with links to RC3 and instructions to get one camera working.
@novadaemon if you are going to be updating first post when CT releases new updates/patches I don't have a problem with you starting this thread.

If not let me know I will close this and CT starts one he can update himself as the forum is running an old version of IPBoard hence no way we can give CT permissions to edit first post when he wants.

Will be hard for any mod to dig through all CT's posts in here once this thread goes mental like all the others.

@Geodex, I intend to keep updating the board, however I'd be more than happy to have CT start one himself.

As of right now, he does not own a Fire. All the RC releases since RC3 have not fixed any issues because he's trying to fix them blindly.

In all seriousness, if you'd like to take it over yourself or have CT do it that's fine. Until then I'll try to manage it myself.
Christian, with the, it is still flipped for the back camera, but the front camera is OK, BUT, within 15 seconds of using the front camera Gallery will crash.

edit: I am using landscape mode.
First off, once again, thanks for all the hard work. This ROM is ridiculously fast and after further testing I find it to be much more stable than any other ROM I've tried. Flambe would crash in Chrome and this doesn't.

I've now wiped everything again (even media partition) and reinstalled everything fresh. (12-10-18 + GAPPS + 1.0.1)

During the first time I ran the camera app, the camera worked fine. After switching to the front camera, I no longer have crashes with the front camera. It must have been due to junk from other tests. However, after I switched back to the back camera it became inverted again. This is ultimately minor and can wait. It's not a big deal to me right now.

As far as auto brightness is concerned. It will automatically increase brightness, but I cannot seem to get it to decrease brightness automatically. Maybe I need to wait longer or more testing needs to be done.

You've done an AMAZING job considering that you are doing this blindly. I will get a logcat for the cameras in around an hour or so. Thanks again!
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I see. I just now enabled "Allow light decrease" under Automatic Backlight in Settings as you instructed. I will let you know how it goes.
What is the defference between Fire TM and QM?
Sorry if answerd before.
The difference is in the screen used. Two different companies screens were used. Early models are QM and newer models are TM.
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CT, another question. On ICS the battery bar would have a percentage next to it. In CM10 there is no battery percentage number, just the bar. Would it be possible to get a percentage next to the battery like in ICS or not?
it's there in the setting. you just have to enable it in status bar setting.
Hmmm it's not the same as how it was on ICS/Flambe, but it's close enough. I prefer the Circle + Percentage anyway. Thanks!
Is high-pitched mosquito noise still a bug in these CM ROMS ??

Can handle the popping but that damn mozzy is getting an extreme pain!!
It's not a ROM issue. It's a hardware issue.

Yes it's still in this rom. IF it's a software issue then it's because this rom uses the 0930 Feiyu Kernel. but it seems to be a hardware problem.
im new to modding the flame so bear with me, ive downloaded the CWM5.5.0.4 file and there is no .zip inside the .rar so what do i extract and where?
There isnt supposed to be one. You are supposed to extract uImage_recovery to your SD card.
thanks done the CM10 update, ill let you guys know how i fair! awesome timing considering my micro sd card only arrived this morning off amazon and have been using the stock firmwire from ainol for the past 3 days
I reread the instructions and realized how it could be confusing. I've modified the instructions to make it more clear. I apologize for the confusion.
got an issue with my sd card, it doesnt get recognised by the flame anymore, its the same card i used to get CM10 flashed on to my device, if i plug in my tablet to the desktop and turn on mass storage then the sd card files are visible but the tablet just wont interact with it so install any .apk's for example, appinstallers say i have no sd card mounted
Are you using the 10-18-2012 rom and Compatibility 1.0.1? And did you make sure to use the proper file for QM or TM?
I think I have fried the "touch" part in my touch screen.

When i was updating to CM10 I saw that there wasn't the zip for the "compatibility" (damn it). Then (my mistake) i have rebooted, it was too late when i thought that CM10 without the compatibility zip will do harm to my fire.

I have managed to reinstall another firmware, but, well, my touchscreen doesn't work. I just want to know if it's too late and i can throw my fire in the bin or if there is some kind of update that can make my touchscreen alive again :-(
That is terrible to hear.

It's actually not difficult to make a full fire release. All that needs to be done is merge the compatibility zip with the main release, but it's not done that way so that internet bandwidth can be saved.

The kernel in CWM should not have fried your touch screen because it is based on 0930, but I guess rebooting the Elf II kernel is a very bad idea. I don't have any solution for you except to keep trying other roms or something.
Gets to about 25% then freeze. :/

Factory update aml file
And fire 0930 qm zip on sd card
remove the factory update file and redo it manually.
add this one to the op, from now on they will be harmless if you forget to flash the compatibility zip since there's no boot.img flashing in the rom .zip

in recovery? try formatting media partition using stock recovery or flashing this file
added. It was 3:13am here when you posted it. sorry about the delay.
why is that I can't flash it on my FIRE .. TM VERSION..when i try to flash the rom it says

.......even place the CWM TM v5.5.0.4 extracted file on the right place.
What is the full filename of the ROM you are flashing? is it the repack or the normal version?
There's another bug I found during watching youtube and dailymotion within default browser and chrome.

1. In default browser, the video is played somekind bigger or not scaled in the player while watching youtube or dailymotion in lansdscape mode. But if I rotate in portrait mode the video is still played in landscape mode although the browser is rotating according to portrait mode.
2. In chrome browser, there's no video playback.It is blank or pitch black although the playback time is running.

Not sure if this happens on the previous builds but on Flambe it was working good. Nova could you support my findings.
I will check on it, but if you could take a screenshot or a picture of the screen when that happens, that would be great.
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