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[ROM]CyanogenMod 10 [UPDATED: 12-11-17]

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Christian Troy has been kind enough to release a Fire Compatible CWM AND A Fire compatible CM10!
The ROM is stable, but the compatibility file needs more work. This ROM uses Feiyu 0930 Kernel.

Features (Ripped from Aurora II post)

* UbiFS (like stock roms)
* Bluetooth USB dongle support
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* Veno congestion control algorithm

Before flashing a fresh CM rom please wipe media partition with stock recovery then continue with below instructions

1. Extract uImage_recovery from CWM- to external SD card (XX is QM or TM)
2. Copy, and to the external SD card
3. Reboot the tablet in CWM recovery mode (Power + Volume -)
4. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and confirm the format
5. Choose "Install zip from SD card", select "Choose Zip from SD card" and select first.
6. Next select
7. Lastly select (You can then apply any patches if available)
8. Reboot the tablet


* Other minor stuff
* Updated upstream sources

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)

Compatibility zip

* Fire TM v1.5 - CWM v5.5.0.4
* Fire QM v1.6 - CWM v5.5.0.4
Auto Brightness will increase, but may not decrease. Please comment if Auto brightness is fully working for you or not.
There are some pics of it.

If you feel this has benefited you, please donate to him!

Please post any comments or issues you have with the ROM here.
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thanks for CM10 works...

I saw in picture that Ethernet menu is not present (under Wifi and Bluetooth) in parameters list.
I plan to use and USB-Ethernet adapter. Is this feature supported under CM10 ?

terminal emulator

netcfg eth0 up
netcfg eth0 dhcp

non proper written app (like es file explorer) that don't fetch paths from environmental variables act like this. If you use "solid explorer" or you point "es file explorer" to /storage/sdcard1 you'll find your microsd
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export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/sdcard0
export SECONDARY_STORAGE /storage/sdcard1
it does work on all my amlogic devices with jb
new version


* ELF-II: updated kernel (added BFQ I/O scheduler as default and enabled cgroup_autosched)
* Aurora-II: updated kernel (new compatibility zip includes a kernel very close to the ELF-II one)
* Crystal: moved to ELF-II kernel
* Ramos W22 PRO: updated compatibility zip, now both cameras should work
* Fire / Flame: initial support for both TM/QM screens
* Removed PPP Widget since it was causing troubles to Crystal's wlan
* Android detects both usbnet/eth ethernet (to use ethernet you have to type these commands from terminal emulator: "su; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 up; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 dhcp")
* Other minor stuff
* Updated upstream sources

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)

Compatibility zip

* Aurora-II v2.1 (if you have troubles you can always use v1.3 as fallback)
* Crystal v1.2 (like Aurora's users, if you have troubles use v1.0 as fallback)
* Ramos W22 PRO v1.1
* Fire TM v1.0 - CWM v5.5.0.4
* Fire QM v1.0 - CWM v5.5.0.4
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I'm curious to see if with this version stock camera app works, I guess it will
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did you try with a third party camera app?

edit: you can try to flash this zip file that includes jellybean's "legacy" camera app; you'll see two camera apps in the drawer, one comes with "gallery" and the other one is the Legacy
Lower the CPU to 1.2 GHz from build.prop entry. Read full changelog in elf thread to find out the correct entry. Now I'm at gym and can't help you.
Probably this kernel uses the maximum vcore for all frequencies above 1.2 GHz.
If sources were available I'd modify it like I did on elf and aurora that run cold as ice.
Anyway unless you can fry an egg on it you won't hurt it. You should touch a tegra3 device
like my HTC one x

That Minor problems of the camera can't be fixed unless I own the device because require many trial building every time a different library and doing the tests.
Anyway mirrored picture from front camera are OK, it's how android does it and I won't modify it
I saw on these amlogic devices that they report cameras in the wrong way: 1 should be front and 0 back while they inverted it so you might have a mirrored picture from back camera because android thinks it's the front one.

There should be a build.prop entry to set the camera orientation, it's commented in stock ROMs but you can try playing with those values.

Anyway were you using gallery's camera or the legacy?
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I should get one from flsuperstore within a couple of weeks.

Again this lock screen?it defaults to non rotate... have a look at all entries under display's settings.
the picture is inverted only when it's captured? you can flip it using a photo editing program
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is the preview rotated too? or only the captured picture?

because i can do something for the preview but nothing for the captured picture since it's handled by that isn't opensource
what happens after you flash this?
does fire have a light sensor? it's disabled in the current build but if you enable automatic brightness from settings does it work? I guess it's required a different sensors library
Hi Christian - is the kernel source available anywhere ? I see all these ROMs popping up on the Chinese BBS and wondering if there is some sort of developer program that one needs to sign up for.

Any idea ?
the only kernel sources available are the one that fry the touchscreen
that camera orientation thing is in standby until I'll get my fire, these minor stuff require some work that i can do in a couple of hours having the device, while may require weeks to sort if out remotely, since it's something minor i'll move on.
if someone wants, using the stock files (not flashing the latest file for the orientation) that i gave you, paste me a logcat while using the camera and switching front/back and in the next days i'll give it a look.

can anybody else confirm the crash novadaemon was experiencing or it's a random thing, maybe due by a screwed environment cause by the many tests done yesterday?

in the meantime you can try comp zip 1.0.1 and tell me if automatic brightness work (should appear a new menu from cm team to fine tune the light sensors according to the measured lux)

tm - qm
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It's aosp behavior. You have to enable the brightness decrease from that menu I was referring (the one with the fine tuning settings). Otherwise it will reset only when the display goes off.

For the camera it's minor since I don't know how many people use a tablet as a digital camera... what matters is the video chat use (the main use of a tablet's camera)

1.0.1 will be compatible only with today's release since I had to modify a thing in framework-res.apk and that file changes with every build, but next release will have a newer comp zip and that framework change will be integrated directly in elf ROM, that doesn't have a light sensor but people will just ignore the setting
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I don't have Netflix here in Italy but 1.8.something should work, at least it does on other Ainol and zenithink.
It does on my aosp ROMs. The 2.x version instead crashes right after starting AFAIK.
Yeah it's kinda hazardous to offer the rom in this format. Especially when there seems to be a lot of people who don't understand English.
If someone can't read and apply some easy instructions it's not my fault, the maximum I can do is removing the kernel from the main package so elf will have a kind of compatibility zip too.
Starting from next builds I'll do it
I'm sorry I was kinda pissed with the other user that defined "hazardous" the release.
I do all these things for free and if possible I'd like to save some time and power since every time I build something it's a 3 hour period with the CPU maxed out and I'm the one that pays the bills...

edit: i'm uploading a repack that doesn't flash any kernel, i'll post the link in ~1 hour
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2012-10-18 (repack)

* Now ELF-II requires a compatibility zip too. I've removed boot.img from the main rom because if someone with a Fire forgets the compatibility zip he can damage the touchscreen. So better safe than sorry, just add the compatibility zip in the pipe of the flashing files

Rom - Gapps (2012-10-11)
add this one to the op, from now on they will be harmless if you forget to flash the compatibility zip since there's no boot.img flashing in the rom .zip

in recovery? try formatting media partition using stock recovery or flashing this file
This one that is the same as the one in my signature

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