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[rom] CyanogenMod 10.1 for C97 / C93 (update 2013-05-18)

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If you appreciate my work and would like to support me with a small donation you can click on button.
If every happy user of this rom would just donate a couple per month I could invest more time in all these Android projects, it'd cost you just like one coffee per month.


* Unrar the "common" rar file and put "zt-update" folder to the root of a microsd.
* Put rom (cm-10.1-$ and gapps (gapps-jb-$ files inside internal or external sdcard.
* Turn on the tablet keeping pressed VOL+ and POWER. Press VOL+ to confirm and you'll boot to CWM recovery.
* If this is your first install flash this file that will format /system, /data and /cache partitions and from "Wipe" menu erase "Android secure".
* Flash rom (cm-10.1-$, gapps (gapps-jb-$ and, if you're using a different device, the required compatibility zip.
* Now select "Reboot system now".
* Enjoy CyanogenMod 10.1!

Changelog & download links


* Updated upstream sources

Common 2013-03-03
ROM (md5sum)
Gapps 2013-03-01

Compatibility files for C93 H6 1F

Common 2013-03-03
Compatibility v1.1

Compatibility files for C93 H6 2F

TWRP recovery (create a folder named "zt-update" in your MicroSD and unzip there the recovery.img file; the bootloader will do the rest when you use the buttons trigger combination)
Compatibility v1.1

Note that if you're running the latest C93 stock firmware "ZT283_H6_2f_1GB_Android4.1_0202_V1.6" you will have to use this TWRP and this comp zip.
If you accidentaly used the previous files you'll see that partition's got fucked up and you'll have to flash the stock firmware to fix them


* Use another launcher (I suggest you "Nova" or "Apex") because Trebuchet screws the layout.
* Bluetooth stack has changed: USB bluetooth is not working right now; only devices with UART (internal) bluetooth works.
* If your device has only a front camera you won't have a camera launcher icon, but you can install this app


* If you don't like Nexus 7 fingerprint and wanna use SGS-II instead flash this zip. Remember that changing fingerprint may screw Play Store, if it happens you'll have to perform a "wipe data / factory reset".
* WiFi now can stay enabled with display turned off. Note that if WiFi is enabled the tablet won't enter deep sleep so if you're more interestead in battery life instead of an always on WiFi change policy (on "Advanced" WiFi settings) from "Always" to "Never".
* Internal memory is mounted at /storage/sdcard0, external sdcard is mounted at /storage/sdcard1. If you wanna swap them (and make primary your real microsd) just flash this file after flashing rom's zip (you have to do it everytime you flash a new version of the rom)
* If you wanna format your internal memory (it's corrupted, filled of crap, etc.) just flash this file from recovery. If it fails try to unmount internal storage from "Mount" section.
* It's better if you don't change governor because the included "ondemand" has been customized to support "boostpulse" feature of jelly bean power hal. You can control min/max cpu frequency with display on/off editing these entries in /system/build.prop file (they're listed with their default value): "ro.sys.min_cpu_on=408000", "ro.sys.max_cpu_on=1200000", "ro.sys.min_cpu_off=96000", "ro.sys.max_cpu_off=1008000".


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nice work Christian Troy. I have a question, would this also work for ZT282 C91 upgraded?

cracktech have as signature : ZT280 Z102-K0-3M 512MB 900Mhz using h31a 282 Systems ROMS with modified systems files.

maybe cracktech knows what to do ...
Is there a way to replace Trebuchet .2 with the stock Jellybean 4.2.1 launcher ? and is the camera fix ( no longer needed ?
I've noticed the little static'y noise that I used to get with the CM10 rom is gone. Sent you a little thank-you before Christmas, keep up the great work!
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This is 4.2 launcher, you have to push it to /system/app

Thanks for the donation
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i install the cm 10.1 AND i want install CM10 but he doesn't work ?

That to make?
Hi Christian,

I've been trying your CM10.1 ROM for the C93 for some days now but from time to time the tablet freezes when playing a game or watching a movie and I have to shut it down the hard way to restart it. Today I have installed the last Zenithink official rom and it hasn't crashed even once. It's a pity because I really like CM10.1 and the official one has other problems with some apps. Any idea what can be the problem?

Use the kernel I posted for evilsoul
Great, it seems to work with that kernel. Thanks!
will it be possiable to have usb bluetooth working/??
just asking.....i thought it might be a time thing..
meaning you will need time to work on the problem.
if not i will just go back to 10.0
is it possiable to go back to 10.0?
i see in a post that it was difficult to do.


No it's not possible, 4.2 supports only uart usb
4.2 imho is a huge step back from Google, first this weird bluetooth choice (built with broadcom that sells wifi/bt chips
), they removed honeycomb's layout and now everyone is forced to use the "hybrid" UI, it came buggy as hell...
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* Updated upstream sources

ROM 2013-01-05 (md5sum)
Hi! Great ROM, thanks!
When I try to run 'need for speed' app I get this error mmessage:

Error (airplay v4.3.0 [250761])
Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 3145728 bytes but only 3100752 available (1398132 LFB). Increase icf setting [s3e] memsize (currant value is 30000000).

How can I resolve this?
What's your device? If it's a C93 you can try the alternative kernel I suggested a couple of days ago to another user. On my C97 NFS:MW works like a charm
What's your device? If it's a C93 you can try the alternative kernel I suggested a couple of days ago to another user. On my C97 NFS:MW works like a charm
Just did a complete wipe of my C93 and installed the latest ROM. With the previous version I was getting a lot of crashes with the tablet unexpectedly turning itself off or rebooting. This is in airplane mode reading comics (Komik Reader) with a nearly full battery and nothing else going on.
I'll give this new ROM a try before replacing the kernel. The alternative kernel is this "ZT283.kernel-evilsoulcm101.rar" posted back on Dec.15th ?
It's a c97. I've got NFS shift. It worked on the official rom.
It's a c97. I've got NFS shift. It worked on the official rom.
try to increase heap values in /system/build.prop



Hi Christian, I just put CM10.1 on a new C97, upgrade from Zenithink official 4.1, and I'm getting a static sound when the tablet is operating, even with the sound turned all the way down. Is there any way I can help troubleshoot this? Bug report? Check a setting for you? I used the files from the OP here, using Apex launcher. Interestingly, the Sound Recorder crashes every time.
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