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[rom] cm9 nightlies

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Supported tablets

* Mediacom 907c, Momo11 Bird, JXD S9000, Eken A90 (first revision) and clones need
* Visture V3 and clones need compatibility zip.
* Mediacom 910i, Teclast A10t and clones need compatibility zip.
* ICOO D90W and clones need compatibility zip.
* CEMA10N7 "unknown" device needs compatibility zip.
* Bmorn V99 needs compatibility zip
* Mediacom 711i, Momo9 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXL needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N83 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Hyundai A7HD needs compatibility zip
* MOMO9 needs compatibility zip
* Onda Vi40 V3 needs compatibility zip
* LY-F1 and clones need compatibility zip
* Protab2XXLv2 needs compatibility zip
* TNT Singularity and clones need compatibility zip
* Eken T01 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T02 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V1 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V2 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a V3 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T05a (unknown version) needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 needs compatibility zip
* Eken T10 with mxc622x g-sensor needs compatibility zip
* Sanei N10 needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)
* Onda Vi30 Deluxe V3 needs
* Onda Vi40 Ultimate needs
* Onda Vi10 Elite needs
* Ainol Novo7 Elf needs
* Sanei N83 Deluxe needs compatibility zip (note: internal bt doesnt work and will never work)

Tablets supported with legacy support (see FAQS section for more infos)

* Mediacom 917i and 927i need comp zip
* Gemei G2 needs comp zip
* Gemei G9 (those not working fine with "regular" 907c comp zip) needs comp zip
* Sanei N90 needs comp zip
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v1 and v2 need
* Ainol Novo7 Aurora v3 needs
* MK802 PC-on-a-stick needs

You can check "testing" section of my AndroidFileHost space to find out few more tablets that require some testing to be approved

You can get them on this website


* Bluetooth USB dongle support (btusb and ath3k)
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* NTFS and ExFat support
* Veno congestion control algorithm
* USB audio support


* Upload zips to MicroSD or internal memory.
* Boot into CWM keeping pressed VOL- (MENU) and POWER for 3 secs, than release POWER and after another sec release VOL- (or use Novo7 tools if it doesn't work for your device)
* Select "wipe data/factory reset"
* Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" (or "choose zip from internal sdcard" if your files are into internal memory) and flash, in this order, rom / gapps / compatibility zip
* Now go back, and select "Reboot system now"
* Enjoy cm9

Note: when you update to a newer build you don't need to do a full wipe, you just have to wipe cache and dalvik cache


*** This will be the latest release. Rom development is now discontinued since I moved to other SoCs ***
* Full spoof as SGS2 (GT-I9100) for better GameLoft / EA compatibility
* Fixed FC on license check of some games (specially gameloft one)
* Bluetooth dongle now supports hotplug
* Cyanogenmod's option to hide status bar now will permanently hide it (not only if the app requests the FULLSCREEN flag). You can enable/disable this option using the included ToggleBar app or checking/unchecking the option from "combined bar"'s settings.
* Added WiFi wakelock (change WiFi sleep policy to "Never" or the tablet won't sleep)
* Updated upstream sources

* updated: cm9 sources

* !!! WARNING !!! Compatibility zip 1.2 is required !!! WARNING !!!
* bump kernel version to 3.0.36
* updated: cm9 sources

* added: devlistener, a small daemon to set write permissions for supported usb bluetooth dongles
* removed: u3gmonitor (tell me if your 3g dongle was working with previous version and now it doesn't)
* changed: build fingerprint to match SGS2
* changed: minor change to HDMI kernel code according to a patch submitted by Quarx2k that behaviour was consuming 5-8% of cpu for nothing
* updated: cm9 sources

* Do NOT flash ""! It's already included
* added "gsensor special coordinate settings" menu entry that solves problems for some gsensor in some games (note that on mxc622x many games won't work because it has only 2 axis)
* added preliminary support for usb audio playback (thanks tsynik for the hint)
* updated kernel
* updated: cm9 sources

* !!! WARNING !!! You need to download a new compatibility zip, 907c/MOMO11/S9000 users now requires one too !!! WARNING !!!
* now rom is based on the community developed 3.0.31 kernel (every tablet but A7HD that now has a "legacy" support)
* changed some "cosmetic" things like a wrong buttons layout when sysbar volume control was disabled; prevent camera app from going to fullscreen when combined bar auto-hide is enabled; add menu options to enable (default) or disable gsensor orientation when HDMI cable is plugged in; fixed (thanks turl) screen off animation
* in "Misc" section of Update Me now you'll find an "Ad-Hoc enabler" zip. Flash it if you wanna connect to adhoc network but note that you'll lose WiFi Direct capabilities, WiFi AP should work anyway
* updated: cm9 sources

* fixed: ip-up sets up NAT, now wireless tether (from tablet) works
* added: smartassV2 new default governor (not on A7HD because it uses a different kernel, read my request on slatedroid if you wanna use it
* added: volume control from system bar (it can be controlled from display settings; press "recent app" button to apply changes after toggling the checkbox)
* updated: cm9 sources

* fixed: upside down problem of hw accelerated video playback on some devices
* added: forced landscape when connected to hdmi
* changed: wifi module with powersave options enabled (you can download the one without ps capabilities from Update Me)
* updated: cm9 sources

* fixed: (hopefully) hw accelerated flash videos random issues
* updated: cm9 sources

* added: some HID kernel module to enable PS3 usb gamepads and some generic/chinese gamepads
* added: minfree to tweak ram usage according to supercharger v6 recommended value for 1 gig devices
* updated: cm9 sources

* WARNING: 910i/a10t needs compatibility zip v1.0.5; V3 needs v1.0.4
* added: usb ethernet support (I need feedbacks because I don't have any usb nic)
* added: display settings now has an "HDMI resolution" menu entry
* fixed: missing apns, now supported 3g dongles should connect out of the box
* updated: cm9 sources
* note: while connected to HDMI you have to enable 'combined bar auto hide' from 'settings - system - combined bar' to be able to watch them in fullscreen

* added: tcp veno congestion control
* added: WiFi direct
* added: WiFi AP
* added: workaround for Ad-Hoc networks (have a look at Misc section of Update Me)
* fixed: WiFi driver now loads faster
* updated: cm9 sources

* !!!!!! you have to re-download compatibility zip (hopefully for the last time) !!!!!!
* fixed: hdmi audio playback
* changed: some things in compatibility zip, a10t/v3 users report if you have gsensor issues (you shouldnt)
* changed: init.rc to make it more cm9 compatible

* !!!!!! you have to re-download compatibility zip !!!!!!
* changed: some wifi related stuff (report if it works better)
* fixed: camera recording
* fixed:/dev/ppp is now writable and pppd shouldnt bother anymore
* removed: some useless kernel module to free some space and avoid errors on devices with only 256mb of space in system partition
* updated: cm9 sources

* added: Update Me
* added: stagefright video hardware acceleration (flash, etc.)
* fixed: cyanogenmod's camera app
* updated: cm9 sources

* fixed: UMS now handles both internal and external memories
* fixed: "reboot -> recovery" from cyanogen's power menu
* changed: kernel/modules from MOMO11 Bird 20120515 rom (you have to re-download compatibility zip to match this new kernel, link's been updated)
* removed: oc_daemon from startup, if you wanna use it you have to change permissions of file /system/etc/init.d/89virtuous_oc to 755 (remember that only performance and fantasy governors are working fine, the other can cause reboots; i suggest you fantasy, it's something like interactive/smartass)

* Works pretty much everything, it's an almost perfect daily use build.
Known bugs:
* I had to replace Cyanogen's camera app with Allwinner's because preview frame was incredibly huge and buttons couldn't be pressed.
* When you take a picture using camera the thumbnails that appears in Gallery are corrupted, but you can use an alternative (and better) app like QuickPic as workaround. You can even disable Gallery app and use MX Player as video player which works pretty fine in HW mode (you don't need any codec)
* Reboot to recovery doesn't work, it just reboots the tablet.
You can see upstream changelog here

Download link



* 2012-04-29

If you have a /system partition of 300+ MB you can flash "official" gapps from, you'll have a working Face UnLock as a bonus.


* Here you can find how to flash CWM
* To manage volume from the sysbar you can install this app
* Legacy compatibility zips include stock kernel with extra modules (like bluetooth, gamepads, ecc.). It's enabled for ad-hoc and wifi direct won't work. USB Audio and DVB-T kernel modules won't work either.
* Sanei N10 users (and other with "internal sdcard" on /dev/block/nandj device) can use this version of cwm.


* Github repository



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This release is pretty good, unfortunately is still has a couple rough edges. Amongst other things, voice search does not work at all for me: it crashes as soon as you tap on the microphone icon.
I'll have a look into it and see if I'm able to fix it
The problem with voice search might have to do with that specific release of the gapps. I tried removing Voicesearch.apk and reinstalling the much older version found on the market, and it works.
2) Is it possible to get rid of Gmail etc and only install Play from the gapps pack?
You can navigate to /system/app with a filemanager in root & remounted mode (ES File Explorer does that, for instance), are remove the relative apks.

Don't know why you would want that, though, I find gapps to be the applications I use the most!
Hey Christian, would you care to explain what we will be able to do via "Update Me"? Apart from donating beer money which is well in order.
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a quick note about the adhoc script i have created...
Interesting, on the 20120523 version ad-hoc networks were detected buy I couldn't connect, whereas on the previous version (20120522) they worked for me! It's nice to have a workaround, but it is important to have some form of security working with them as MAC address filtering is not always immediate to set up.

I'm trying 0524 now.
adhoc is mainly used only on smartphones, with a limited range... so if someone trys to connect to your ap you can always punch him in the face
The point of creating an ad-hoc AP is usually that of sharing a connection without having a WAP handy. This happens frequently in situations like visited offices, airports, train stations, etc, pretty crowded by network-hungry people, and where security is desirable. Moreover, since wifi is the only type of connectivity natively available on this tablet, it's actually pretty important.

I will not dispute your choice to use a different wifi driver, as the benefits in term of signal strength and speed are evident. Luckily, my phone is capable of working as non-ad-hoc AP, and that's what I'll be using the most to share its data connection. But if I want to share a wired connection between my laptop and my phone, I'm out of luck.
Did the "hide combined bar" option work for any of you guys? It doesn't for me with no applications I tried, and I would REALLY love to get rid of the bar for reading!
my msg is probably lost in the last page so I'll ask again, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it:

I downloaded CWM ( - how to install??
(obviously I still cant flash using CWM...)
Check this thread for how to install CWM:
To Welcome MOMO11 bird version Android4.0.4 ...........
11; increase wifi hotspot, fix the wifi the direct, better support for hidden ssid connection;
Anything that would improve the reception would be welcome, though I suspect the issue is with the hardware (MOMO11 bird -- the signal and the speed decrease terribly when moving away from the hotspot).
There definitely is/was a HW problem with wifi antenna positioning in the box.......see below for solution(s)...

AFAIK.....newer tablets have been fixed, but loads of ppl had to open it up and physically reposition the antenna

including moi!!
Ahhh, that is a good thing to try! Will give it a go tonight (or when I find the time), thanks!
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