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It's up: - apad-irobot - Apad iRobot Update 0612 Batch 3 Chinese (Android 1.5) - Project Hosting on Google CodeThis was the factory shipping firmware for batch 3 units. I flashed the system.img onto my batch 2, and boy is this firmware a mess. Don't flash this. Wait for rogerbraun's repack. Videoplayer force closes. It's in Chinese. Youtube is rotated 90 degrees (they probably unpacked a hybrid firmware and pasted it in), and a bunch of junk apps that don't work. only 25MB free in data. Oh and the home button is still a back button.Base is RK1.3.2. Framework resources and libs should be transferable. But the rest of the rom is crap
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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