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caffeineborg;58076]Hi said:
HiApad[/url]. It made the device much more usable than the initial installed OS and apps that were delivered. the update.img was loaded onto the device with the RKAndroidDM windows(ze) application ( I still would like to do this from Linux) First, thanks to all that had a hand in making the resources available. Second, I had to use the mini-USB port that was nearer to the microSD slot and not the 3mm headphone jack. It worked. Also, the process was off/on then hold the Menu and then Power. The device did not power up but the RKAndroidDM saw the device then. I had to keep all held and then select update and OK from the app. The device was updated (again thanks). Now I will review where I am.
i prefer the rom for batch 3 from the tabletstoreuk, its much more stable and it has the suspend function missing from the hiapad firmware, i am guessing its one of rogers roms as he has a batch 3 apad from the tablet store
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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