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[ROM] Ainol Novo Crystal Jellybean: Crystal JBX

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Here comes my first ROM for an amlogic based tablet

Crystal JBX 1.0

-based on stock JB ROM 1119 for Ainol Novo Crystal batch 2
-init.d support
-stripped a bit, not much possible because of the relations between the apps
-standard stock cpu clock is 1.2Ghz, you can overclock to 1.512 with nofrills, but the crystal is a hot guy, so for a longer life I would not use that feature all the time
-supercharged services.jar, thanks to zeppelinrox
- added some apps I like
- moage launcher, based on adw launcher, thanks to moage
-hackers keyboard as option

special thanks to tattman65 for the awesome artwork in my ROM

If you are shure how to use, read first this guide
Flash with stock recovery or
more comfortable with TWRP recovery

Please flash the ROM, if you have a batch 2 crystal tablet. I have not tested my ROM with the other hardware versions, so I can't assume what side effect you will have. You can try fuser-invents compatibility patches with batch 1 and 3.

credits: fuser-invent, Christian Troy and Soulflier for all the basic work

Now lets see, how this ROM work. Please report me issues, I will try to fix it.


...and a song for the installation
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Hm Kuzant. My Rom is based in your stock Rom Version and I have a Bach 2 tablet for testing .

Right now I have no idea, what causes your WLAN problem. It has to York, sorry.

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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