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Update March 2021: Just in case anyone is still looking to make use of this I've updated the link as all the old ones were very very dead. There was a later V5 which never got posted here and you can find that on my site link below.

A long time coming but a Release 4.0 is now here


My first proper thread on Slatedroid
Thanks the dkjab for posting up one on my previous release.

If you have not used my releases before there is quite a bit to look forward to, based off some excellent work by cheeyee @ Chinadigital and tomx2h @ imp3 this release gives you a full English rooted firmware with all the important Google apps, Facebook and Dolphin Browser chucked in, all sorts of things like Bluetooth dongle and GPS support, Gamepad support and much more. Check out the front page on my site or the Readme link below to see the full list of what's included.

To keep things short and sweet the full Readme is kept on a separate page on my blog Click Here and a plain text copy is in the download. Check out the Change log/What's New below then get your download and enjoy. Screen shots after the download links.

Change log/What's New:
Key: + New # Updated > Information ! Important - Removed
07/04/2012 Version 4.0

+ Newer base firmware based on cheeyee and tomx2h releases.
! English only release, Multi Language may follow
! Google Maps will Force Close if you have no active Wifi or Data connection, this is the way the app works and not a bug.
- Flash and Skype removed as they only semi worked. You can install these from the market.
+ Modified Google Play Store gives the best results yet. Still not perfect but improves on last firmware.
! Play Store must not be updated, auto updater removed to prevent this. Any updates will remove the modded version.
+ build.prop altered with HTC Flyer data (closest match to our tablet) again results have improved in the Market.
# All included Google Apps, Facebook and Dolphin are latest versions as of compliling the Firmware
- Root explorer because it would still give Chinese menus, ES File Manager is just as good when given root access rights.
+ New Statusbar icons for Home, Menu, Up, Down and Back (See screenshots)
# The wallpaper app that was in Chinese I have converted to English, look for 'ICS Wallpapers'
- Separate Latitude.apk (now comes with Maps) and Car Home (Too small for our screens)
> For UK users iPlayer and latest Flash seem to play Medium quality streams without any problems, High quality is broken in iPlayer by the looks of it as setting it makes no difference over Medium.
If you mirror the file please let me know so I can add it here.
Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V4.0 @

Click for full size images. Apps that have been pixelised are not included.
shot_000001.png shot_000009.png shot_000008.png

shot_000005.png shot_000006.png shot_000010.png

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Hi Treeman
the touchscreen calibration or 'jitter' issue has been a long standing one.

There are several firmwares, notably by Cheeyee and Psquare, which have almost erradicated the issue. Cheeyee has concentrated on Gingerbread and it is great, with loads of enhancements and mods, great 3d Acceleration, etc (check out: )

Psquare has concentrated on Custom ICS (Ice cream sandwhich) as well as porting over Cyanogen 7 (Gingerbread) and Cyanogen 9 (ICS) firmwares. They are great, although the 3D acceleration is still needed some tweaking, (check out the following links:

CyanogenMod 7 for Ainol Novo8 Advanced -- OFFICIAL PAGE - THREAD
Custom ICS for Ainol Novo8 Advanced -- OFFICIAL PAGE - THREAD
CyanogenMod 9 for Ainol Novo8 Advanced -- OFFICIAL PAGE - THREAD

If you don't mind not having ICS and are happy with Gingerbread, then Cheeyee's enhanced version of Gingerbread is fast and smooth and games play well.



Hi I recently purchased this one:


Would the firmware work for it?

If so would it likely fix the problem of simply not charging at all?

It stays on 0% and doesn't move.

Also there appears to be a problem with the when i use the touch screen it doesn't quite work properly.

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