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[ROM] [4.2.1] Novo7 Flames 0201 Official AML Firmware

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Novo7 Flames 0201 Official AML Firmware

QM Screen:
Download Link1
Download Link2

Size: 280,339,646 bytes
Modified: February 5, 2013, 10:02:10
MD5: 948089FA311077BD5A4B91326113EB15
SHA1: 0014FE49DA12A9636B6D15F28F07BACAB6DC1EA0
CRC32: 8D58CB96

TM Screen:
Download Link
Mediafire (Thanks to fuser-invent)

Flash tool:
AML Flash Tool (USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.2.0128):
Download Link1
Download Link2

Flash Tutorial:
myphone (Thanks to Frontier)
post #14 (Thanks to dd_yulius)

TWRP Custom Recovery (Thanks to CT our mother of ROM

File Transfer

android.process.acore pop up error after setup Google Play?
put this Contact.apk to /system/app/ and chmod rw-r--r-- (Thanks to hithotguest)

Stuck with this firmware?

Try This

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I apologize for the ignorance, what is AML?
shoot i wanted to install this firmware to create a 4.2 comp zip with real multi user support, only for the fire but I can't.

I tried following all rules but if I select the "erase nand" thing after it finishes the device is not recognized anymore, if I unplug and replug it to flash the zip without the erase nand thing it fails loading uboot and I have to flash the unbricker.

If I try to flash directly the zip without erase nand before that it stays at 77% for something like 10/15 minutes, after that i turn if off and procede with the unbrick again.

Terrible firmware delivery system.
Same thing happened to me. And now I have an expensive brick. Unbrick tool not working. No recovery, only black screen.
After trying to install this firmware my Fire died.
Black screen.
Power + volume down(or other key combination) - PC does not detect.
Unbrick tool does not work (tried 1GB, 2GB, 8 GB cards several times).
I read this forum thread carefully several times, tried everything. No succes.
I lost all hope

P.S. When I press Volume down+Power or Power for 10 seconds a little tick sounds inside(hear it if I put my ear on tablet). It's the little heart of my Fire
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Now,you can try

1. run USB-Burning-tool

2. press power key an hold it 10 sec,make sure is shutdown.

3. replug usb cable and press Vol+ and Pow key
Already tried(several times) all of this. No succes.
I'd like some advice from someone more skilled.
My Ainol Fire is (hard?) bricked after a failed attempt to install official AML 0201 firmware. Black screen, PC don't recognize, UnbrickTool not working(from SD card).
I found this thread especially post #11 and #12 and this tutorial for Amlogic based devices.
My question is: worth trying?

Flashed Official AML 0201
Details tomorrow
If the black screen getting warm, it means fire still on. Make sure it's off then plug USB cable into PC / Notebook USB 2.0 port.
Have you tried push Vol + and Power ? or Home and Power ?
My friend, thanks to entire Slatedroid community, IT WOORKSSSS!
Details tomorrow, now I have some work. Shorting pins 5,6 form NAND flash works!
WARNING if you do THIS, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISC. I am not responsible if you permanently damage your tablet.
- Tablet Ainol Fire TM - firmware Feiyu HSF 0130 working properly
- Attempt to instal firmware Official AML 0201 using AML USB Burning Tool - FAILED(unknown reasons)

After that I came into possession of a "deep bricked" tablet(black screen, no backlight, no nothing). Tried Unbrick Tool (with 1GB, 2GB, 8GB memory cards)- NO succes. Tried connection with PC, various combinations of keys (Vol- and Power, Home and Power, Vol+ and Power) nothing seems to work, PC don't recognize the device.
Still followed ten days of searching, googling and finally first I found that: and that
Then I found a very good tutorial here to unbrick, but for Ainol Crystal thanks to fuser-invent

I opened the tablet.
Inside found two 29F64G08CBAAA circuits, pictures here
Pressed Power 10 second to be sure tablet is OFF
Conected tablet USB cable to PC, open Device Manager window, open AML USB Burning Tool
I Shorted pins 5,6 (of circuit 29F64... located close to the edge of tablet) with a needle. (For identifying pins pay attention here
Pressed VOL- and POWER keys of tablet
In Device Manager showed USB unknown device - REMOVE NEEDLE - tried install AmlogicUSBBurningDriver - NO succes
Turn off tablet(pressed 10 seconds POWER)
I Shorted pins 5,6 of other circuit 29F64... with a needle
Pressed VOL- and POWER keys of tablet
In Device Manager showed (M6)CHIP device - REMOVE NEEDLE - Installed AmlogicUSBBurningDriver - SUCCES - Device Manager showed World Cup Device
Open AML_USB_Burning_Tool as Administrator, device connected
I fallowed burning procedure which was described above in this thread(checked NO US HUB, ERASE NAND first, then flashing firmware Official AML 0201)
BIG SUCCES - My Fire tablet started with a fresh Official AML 0201 firmware. How good is this firmware? Does not matter, now is ALIVE.

I apologize for my bad english. I hope that is understandable yet.
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Hello there,

I flashed this ROM on my tablet today, but now I'm stuck with the "android.process.acore has stopped" pop-up. I tried a couple of solutions, like force stopping and clearing the data of Google Play Services and Gmail, but that didn't work.

When I tried to solve this by going to recovery, I discovered that I seemingly can't get into recovery anymore. When I press Power and Volume Down while the tablet is off, it just boots normally. I got the "TWRP-" from the opening post, but since I'm new at this, I don't get how I could flash this.

And whenever I solve the problem with my recovery, does anyone know how to solve the Google Play Services problem with the pop ups? I looked up several solutions, but they didn't work for me, so I figured I could just as well create an account on this forum.

Thanks in advance, I really hope it's fixable.
Simply put Contacts.apk into folder System/app and change permissions for this file. Use for this Root Explorer or ES File Explorer into root mode
Could anybody downgrade 4.2.1 to 4.1.2, please help
Read carefully this POST
If you succeed please provide us the result.
Hi everybody,

I've bought recently Ainol Fire and would like to upgrade to PA3+ ROM

I undertood the process, ...I hope...I downloaded all necessary files except TWRP for TM version. The link here is dead.

Could you help me to find where to download ?

Thanks a lot
You can grab TWRP from HERE
Pay attention to wich version you use according to UBIFS or EXT4

thanks a lot.
sorry I a newbie, whats the difference between UBIFS or EXT4 ?

I've just load new ROM using AML, so still a lot to do ...
You want to install PA3+
If you have installed 0201 Official AML firmware you are EXT4
If you come from other firmware you are UBIFS
According to that you must use the corresponding version of TWRP and compatibility zip pack (and of course QM or TM version corresponding to your tablet)
After flash official Ainol-E4-20130131-qimei-usbburning I'm unable to enter recovery, when I press Volume - Power it boot normally.
Someone can help me?
There is no recovery. Ainol-E4-20130131 is one way ticket

Sorry, just kidding.
You can use TWRP for EXT4
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There's no stock recovery like e3?
For some reason I'm unable to install TWRP, tried many times before.
You don't have to install, just put uImage_recovery to root of external sdcard, turn off the tablet and press Vol- and Power
You can grab TWRP from here from section EXT4 and "datamedia" layout * Fire QM (for JellyBean 4.2 and comp zip >= 1.4)
... no CPU settings under system menù.
If you want to modify CPU settings you have to use a third part app.
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