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[ROM] [4.2.1] Novo7 Flames 0201 Official AML Firmware

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Novo7 Flames 0201 Official AML Firmware

QM Screen:
Download Link1
Download Link2

Size: 280,339,646 bytes
Modified: February 5, 2013, 10:02:10
MD5: 948089FA311077BD5A4B91326113EB15
SHA1: 0014FE49DA12A9636B6D15F28F07BACAB6DC1EA0
CRC32: 8D58CB96

TM Screen:
Download Link
Mediafire (Thanks to fuser-invent)

Flash tool:
AML Flash Tool (USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.2.0128):
Download Link1
Download Link2

Flash Tutorial:
myphone (Thanks to Frontier)
post #14 (Thanks to dd_yulius)

TWRP Custom Recovery (Thanks to CT our mother of ROM

File Transfer

android.process.acore pop up error after setup Google Play?
put this Contact.apk to /system/app/ and chmod rw-r--r-- (Thanks to hithotguest)

Stuck with this firmware?

Try This

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I was trying to translate the flash tutorial from the linked Chinese forum with google translate but it was a mess and I cannot figure out how to flash it.

I would appreciate a detailed flash tutorial from someone who manged to flash it already. And maybe the first impressions.

android.process.acore pop up error ,i put Contacts.apk into /system/app floder and chmod rw-r--r-- can fixed.sorry for my bad eng.

PS:anyone can fix google play because many many app nothing can found
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Can anyone with a better English explain how exactly this Contacts.apk thing has to be done because I didn't get it from this post. Do I have to tap on the contacts.apk from the app folder after changing permissions to install it or just exit the file explorer and restart.

Otherwise thanks for posting the instructions, it worked flawlessly (with the exception of the above pop-up error).
My experiences so far:
- UI is more or less the same as CT's CM10.1 UI, Phablet, but with a lower DPI so everything is smaller like on Feiyu's roms
- Very bad Google Play compatibility, a lot of games eg. all Angry Birds and many apps displayed as incompatible
- Power menu options missing, only shut down
- No battery percentage indication
- Very smooth operation, I would say even smoother than Feiyu's 0130 rom
- CRT TV switch off effect on screen when going to stand-by with the power button (aka the good old stock Gingerbread rom)
- Screen wake up is still not instantaneous, very much like other roms
- Tablet starts-up a lot faster than with any other roms I tried before
- Tablet shut down is instantaneous.

Has anyone found a workaround for the Google Play incompatibility?

Is there any custom power menu available like CT's or Feiyu's solutions?

Thanks in advance for your kind help.
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Hi, seems I am stucked with this official one

Following steps above I have installed feiyu 0103, but since here I can not move anywhere else. CM10.1, Paranoid, Feyiu HSF, none of those is working for me.
Touch screen is not working in TWRP.
I was also able to flash 1031 but it does not help.
I should never left CM10.1 home
Paranoid worked for me with CT's EXT TWRP, but then I tried to move to Feiyu HSF following the above steps and it didn't work. I saw that the screen is on becasue the backlight turned on but no green robot, nothing, so I returend to this AML rom for now. Anybody managed to flash back to Feiyu HSF?

What I don't like:
- Wifi-standby: it turns off doesn't matter what you set in the special settings.
- Horrible Google Play compatibility
- No baterry %
- Lockscreen and notification bar cannot be customized
- Stupid power-off menu--> Only shut sown, no reboot, no flight mode, no sound settings, no extended desktop nothing
- No extended desktop aka full screen (my daughter plays on it sometimes and pushes the software buttons accidentaly)
- Slow wake up from stand-by
- Ridiculous back camera resolution (max. QVGA)

What I do like:
- Fast boot up
- No pop sound at all
- Skype finally works perfectly, clear voice on the other side and good video call picture, not like on Feiyu HSF--> green picture + echo
- Very smooth

But still I would like to move back to CM10.1 or Feiyu.
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If anybody want to change DPI settings DO NOT USE LCD Density Modder apk. It will get your tablet stuck on bootanimation screen. I have used BuildProp Editor apk instead and succesfully changed dpi from 160 to 316.
316??? Is it a spelling mistake? Is it even a standard dpi setting? You should really consider visiting an eye doctor
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I managed to flash Feiyu 0103, then Feiyu 0115 but after flashing Feiyu HSF I had again the dark screen with turned on back light and tablet stucks there.

Any idea how to flash beyond Feiyu 0115?

I don't want PA or CM at the moment.

I don't wanna be rude, but that's a stupid move to avoid PA or CM.
They are the best Roms you can get for your fire.
Everything is working as expected, and they are smooth as silk, unlike Feiyu or AML...
And i went from AML4.2.1 to PA without any problem.
No that's not rude. Maybe PA and CM is the best for you in your opinion but I prefer Feiyu more at the moment (might change in the future). This is a dicussion about personal preferences and taste so nobody will be right. No offense I respect all developers' work and I appreciate this solid support for this tablet.
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