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Novo7 Flames 0201 Official AML Firmware

QM Screen:
Download Link1
Download Link2

Size: 280,339,646 bytes
Modified: February 5, 2013, 10:02:10
MD5: 948089FA311077BD5A4B91326113EB15
SHA1: 0014FE49DA12A9636B6D15F28F07BACAB6DC1EA0
CRC32: 8D58CB96

TM Screen: Not yet released

Flash with this:
AML Flash Tool (USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.2.0128):
Download Link1
Download Link2

Flash Tutorial:
Chinese Forum

Admin test review (translated):
Today the middle of the night to write graphic tutorial, players set of closed beta begins tomorrow, no problem two days release, New Year gift for the Flames players, including Chi Mei, and Tianma screen firmware, packaged at the same time are the latest 4.2.1 version, in addition to the light induction seemingly still invalid, the other normal, very smooth, and my hand CMO screen machines did not find any backlight current sound (regardless of the minimum medium maximum brightness and maximum brightness than before) and did not find that there sonic boom, even if keep touch vibration, touch sound and unlock sound, only the normal sound and vibration sonic boom, it seems AML study that PMU almost ..... If we brush, and this is true .... so long .. the Aino better hardware problem back really wrong .....
Many, many thanks for your post.

Could you include a link to the original post appeared at Ainol forum (the post at ?

I guess the post is this:

Is it so ?

Thanks and good luck
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