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This is not my ROM. All Credit goes to the gTabDevs who made this awsome rom

VEGAn 1.00 beta 5.1.1 supplement - Thanks Roebeet for staying on top of it!

Link: http://www.mediafire...jhq1cnu5wgkg3j5
md5sum: 7f3920a3ef2dabf264bfc8550d8f6d00

List of fixes / enhancements in this supplement:

- Maps 5.1 with the rotation fix
- Market 2.2.11
- Updated drivers that should bump up Quadrant slightly, and significantly improves Nenamark scores
- Frame rate change from 50 to 60
- Replaced the Froyo keyboard with the Gingerbread keyboard
- Added Adam Sniffer app, and their keyboard as an option

Quick instructions: This is a supplement, not a full firmware. You would run this like any other, but since the changes are small you shouldn't have to wipe data. You'd want beta 5.1 as your baseline, before running this, download link is further below for the full install of beta 5.1.

I know that the VEGAn users probably haven't been "feeling the love" the last few weeks, so we wanted to at least bump you up to some of the latest changes ported to TNTL. I have been plugging away hard on CM7 and VEGAn-TAB GingerEdition and rothnic's expertise with a lot of the these enhancements are the reason why they exist right now. The Nenamark bump actually originated from our Adam testing, believe it or not.

As Per usual USE THIS ROM AT YOUR OWN RISK. We highly recommend clockworkmod recovery as a pre-req. We are only testing for cwm users.

I would also recommend a full data wipe between updates, at least for now when we reach STABLE RELEASE stage this may not be always necessary. There is a great tool out there you can use if you don't know about it already called Titanium Backup it is on the market and there is a free version. It allows you to backup/restore all your apps and even save/restore data for those apps... the only caveat I will say is do not restore any system apps (ie. apps preloaded with our roms) this can cause issues.

****The First Boot after installing BETA 5.1 will take a few minutes to catch up and will feel "laggy" this depends on how much media you have on your device for it to scan in the first time****

**If you are having issues with the new market telling you you don't have enough space to download then your SD Partitions are incorrect and need fixed** -Boot Clockworkmod, select advanded, then partition SD, 2048 for first option, and 0 for second. process will take ~10 mins ******WARNING THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTING ON SDCARD (internal) MAKE A BACKUP!!!!******

Now that we are nearing a STABLE Release here are some new links you may not be aware of:

Build URL:
Downloads section:

1.0.0 Beta5.1 Link:
md5sum: a01171d77f25444088ecc884c793d105
This is an formatted file. You'd run this like you'd run any other file.

This is a collaboration between myself, Roebeet, and Rothnic - The G-TabDevs Team.

BETA 5 changes:

* NEW KERNEL **Thank you Rothnic** We have compiled alot of new features in to this with more on it�s way at some point.
* LAG on WAKE FIX! woo hoo! no more laggy tablet after sleeping.
* CIFS support (allows mounting shared folders over a network) � search CIFS in the android market for apps
* NTFS support (this gives us the ability to mount drives formatted NTFS which is popular on Windows machines�. Larger File Support)
* Ethernet on DOCK Support (This will only work right now if the device is booted while connected to the dock to activate the port)
* ***UPDATED EVEN BETTER****G-Sensor Fix (this has been long awaited by many! Fixes most games that use the g-sensor for controls, etc.) **this is a DIRTY FIX but it works� only issue is it does mess up mouse usage� so if you are a mouse user and don�t care about the g-sensor being right for games there is a patch below that you can apply ***AFTER*** you install BETA 5.
* REBOOT OPTION has now been added to the power menu. Remember that popup menu is a scrollable menu so if you don�t see it all use your finger and scroll on down!
* I increased the DELAY for the LONGPRESS Power button to bring up the menu� it is now a full second. This has dramatically decreased the number of time the power menu has accidentally popped up when trying to wake the device.
* Added the Tablet Compatible Stock Calendar that I dropped on you guys at Christmas on the Website.

No Major theme changes, nor some of the other fixes that I have been having issues with. The next release should include those. This is the LAST BETA I believe. The next release will take some time so settle in for a bit while we work on Release Candidate 1.

Benefits to us

- Soft buttons, like TnT. But no TnT UI layer getting in our way. So, for example, keyboard replacements should work.
- Just as fast as the new builds we have if not FASTER.
- Vega build has a bootup script where we can install user-based apks, after a data wipe. So, for example, Flash is now added to the build.
- Vega firmware development is probably more active than the official TnT development, at least from the little I've seen so far (though TnT have been fairly active lately).

Known issues
- Videos are not being automatically scanned on the EXTERNAL SDCARD.
*****FIXED**** Weird orange bar is showing up in the stock Calendar app *****FIXED****
- The newest Market apk seems to have issues with any device that's been re-partitioned outside of the default of 2048. The "fix" is to re-partition your SD back to the default of 2048, in clockworkmod. Thanks to proengin for informing us of this.


- (a2) We are using alpha1 as our "base" image, and then a modular format on top of that. So, alpha2 is a full package.
- (a2) VOLD should be fixed using a hack. 30 seconds after bootup, SDCARD2 should start working. Or, it may not work. It's an alpha.
- (a2) Vega user apk script has been added, which is supposed to add Flash on a newly wiped system. But it's spotty at best.
- (a2) Camera should be fixed.
- (a2) We're deleting some of the unneeded system apps like Twitter, Facebook, the Htc stuff in gapps and talkback. You can always add these back via the Market. The reason is to keep the image a little cleaner.
- (a2) Audio fix added.
- (a3) Added changes to the framework for smaller status bar and VEGAn boot screen.
- (a3) Added Gingerbread keyboard.
- (b1) SSL bug fixed. Also, added the latest YouTube and Gmail apps. Removed the user apk script for now, as it's really buggy.
- (b2) VOLD post-boot replaced with a mount commend. Should be more stable and might fix the disappearing apps, I hope. New Gmail, adhoc wireless support added, adfree hosts file removed (get "adfree android" app in the market to get it back), removed the Phone apks which should improve battery life.
- (b3) Mounting issues should be completely corrected, audio issues are corrected, new rothnic theme added, new Gmail and Voice apps, new Settings app with advanced Wifi (and policy is set to "never sleep" by default).
- (b4) A New Cleaner Base System Image with the addition of files from new Advent Vega Release (we can finally get rid of the hacked together Image That I originally created for VEGAn)
- (b4) New Kernel (from latest unreleased TNT Update kernel version #15)
- (b4) New Boot Logo(replaces G-Tablet on white background)
- (b4) New VOLD Binary and MediaProvider(allows media to be seen from External SD Card as well as internal)(videos are not being automatically found on SDCARD2 ATM I am working on that)
- (b4) Settings app no longer has Call Settings option or mobile networks as it is not a phone
- (b4) New Market (We have got it showing even more apps... but still not all. Still need to do the market hack.)
- (b4) Some Graphics and Performance Improvements reduces video tearing issue among other improvements (G-TabDevs Performance Pack)
- (b4) New Music Player(pulled the one from CM6.1 and got it running on VEGAn)
- (b4) framework laid for bluetooth HID(not sure if it is fully functional yet please let us know if it work for you)
- (b4) laid the framework for POSSIBLE OPENVPN support(not fully functional yet sure if I can get it to work yet)
- (b4) New Theme Improvements - Switched to a more Cyan color highlights (the previous green may be available as a small update at a later date.
- (b4) Flash now auto installs on first boot up usually after about 15 secs so the tablet can finish booting

1.0.0 Beta 5:


1.0.0 Beta3 Link: http://www.mediafire...tt3n3njojetnscx
Alternate link:
md5sum: fea915609ab56aa233fabcfff3bcc2a3
1.0.0 Beta2 Link: http://www.mediafire...c9a1c11zz1wgza9
Alternate link:
md5sum: 1b16d0cf7f02702a6796914195d8339b
1.0.0 Beta1 Link: http://www.mediafire...5hr09gj53ut1208
Alternate link:
md5sum: 2906ed4fd5ae4fc1954b7b5e766f1507
1.0.0 Alpha3 Link: http://www.mediafire...tzhc7vtstdl128x
Alternate link:
md5sum: 148a7bf52458cbedc9d859e91281a6c8
1.0.0 Alpha2 Link: http://www.mediafire...bdurosaclrp4r3i
Alternate link:
md5sum: 2541fccfb01fb8b398fc38beaa5b3355
1.0.0 Alpha1 : http://forum.xda-dev....5&postcount=57

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I managed to port the necessary stock 3588 libs, via some trial and error, onto my Brilliant Corners 1.2 based ROM earlier today. So, given that BC and VEGAN-tab are both based on a similar VEGA base, I reverted back to VEGAN-Tab 5.1.1 and tested this port there, hoping that it would work. And it did.

I altered the build.prop slightly to reflect VEGAN-Tab 5.1.1 (with an "NF" tacked on so it shows that the hack was added) and am offering it here, if you'd like to try it out.

This only seems to work on Brilliant Corners and VEGAN-Tab Froyo - I tried some of my other 1.2 ROMs and they did NOT work. I would assume that other 1.1 ROMs (including my retired ones) will likely not work either, so be aware of this if you attempt to run this elsewhere - you might get lucky, but assume the worst and back everything up before you attempt it.

I'm also not sure how this change will impact overall stability, especially with regular video playback - so again you might want to make a backup first, just to be safe.

Known caveats! - This has the same color banding issues that show up on 3588 stock.
- This hack will break the YouTube app (thanks to everyone who tested!).

VEGAN-Tab 5.1.1 Netflix hack link:
md5sum: 6f2e34c0e6a803545d690e03715d39ce

(Instructions are the same as all my ROMs -- this is a RAR file with an and recovery folder inside. It should work for either cwm or standard recovery users).

Btw, this does NOT alter the bootloader in VEGAN-Tab (I figured a few of you might ask this question). All this changes is the build.prop file to add the needed manfacturer change to stop the "chipmunk" effect, and replaces three libs with 3588 stock based ones that make the Netflix app actually work. Nothing else.

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Roebeet, you're a genius. Thank you!!!

I just have one quick question. If I want to switch back to YouTube functionality, is there a simple way (short of reflashing) to undo the Netflix hack? Thanks so much!

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I haven't made a reversion for this, or Brilliant Corners. I figured that we know the caveats, but a nandroid backup is probably your best bet before attempting this.

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There's no magic here, it's just plain old trial and error. I take what it known to work and find the libs needed to make it work elsewhere. Sometimes I manage to figure it out, and sometime I don't. But I do get a few hits.

I'd actually like to thank the users who found out that 3588 stock worked (mostly). Without that information, this Netflix hack wouldn't even exist.

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after a bunch of problems today on the 1.2 dev branch I am back to my 1.1 home. I had forgotten just how good this MOD is on 1.1.

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does anyone have any advise on saving the battery in this rom. I think my battery runs out rather quickly. he is an example. My son was watching youtube. when I turned the screen off I had 20% battery, then next day I turned the screen one (not boot up, just turned the screen on) and the battery had 1% left. I do not think that is normal. Why would I lose 19% of the battery when the screen is off?

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I just made a factory reset in the settings of my vegantab installed viewsonic g tablet. Now it is not opening. The three birds show up, the vegan tab loading part shows up but after a while just a black screen. What can i do about this issue?

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informative post for everyone asking questions about this ROM.

The Froyo based VEGAnTAB is NOT under active development. The original developers of VEGAn, the Gtabdevs, have moved their ROM over to a cyanogenmod based gingerbread build. For now any problems that may be encountered with any version of this ROM will NOT be officially addressed. I forked off VEGAnTAB b5.1.1 into a new ROM back in October of 2011 when roebeet announced his indefinite hiatus. I have since worked FrankenTAB up to a stable v1.0 release and am currently working on support releases to address any issues we uncover.

FrankenTAB used BC v1.3.1 (basically VEGAn updated) as a starting point and worked from there to build a fast and stable ROM that I feel picks up from where roebeet left off. All of the details are available in my thread on the tweaks and fixes that we have come up with.

My first custom ROM that I flashed on my gtab was VEGAn b5.1.1, and I am proud to continue the tradition of this rom for people to enjoy just a little bit longer.

FRANKENTAB REQUIRES THE USE OF THE 1.2 BOOTLOADER..... I have included instructions in my thread, and with the latest official Viewsonic update moving everyone up to 1.2 the process of upgrading will be automatic.
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