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This is not my ROM. All credit goes to Kornyone.

[ROM] Vanilla AOSP Gingerbread (updated 3/29/2011)

Vanilla Flavored AOSP

Gtablet AOSP is a project for pure vanilla Android with the Gtablet. It aims to be barebones and as true to the AOSP code as possible. The Google AOSP code is modified as little as possible to provide functionality, and the ability to boot. It is stripped down for modification by the end user.

Using CyanogenMod device files, Pershoot's latest kernel (20110328,, and some cherry picked cyanogenmod/nv-tegra files, a functional 'rom' and a github repo for this project has been created. As functionality has been added since inception, more pieces from Cyanogen are making there way in (browser fix and tweaks, some under the hood stuff, internal storage fixes, etc) to improve overall experience. All variances from original AOSP code is visible via the public git.

Huge props to the Gtablet and the Cyanogen development community. Without your work, this wouldn't be possible.

Huge thanks to EJHart for his direct assistance with this project. Also, thanks to Bekit, Pershoot, GoJimi, Cyanogenmod team, Google... and I am probably missing others... This project would not be where it is without all of their work.

To use this rom, you will use ClockwordMod to flash the zip file as you would any other rom. I have only used ClockworkMod .8 in my testing.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held liable for anything you do to your GTablet. Make sure you are comfortable with recovery tools, such as nvflash, before proceeding. Though the rom is quite functional and stable in basic testing, this project is in early beta stages.

Download RC2 --http://www.mediafire...t2rwxm9p9e4bcb7
MD5 -- fbb79ab9f4da245bb3ab2a320369f95b

*NOTE* GAPPS 20110307 for MDPI will not work.
Use the 20101020 MDPI GAPPS (for example,

Known Issues:

  • Most if not all the issues facing Cyanogen 7
Changes since RC1:
  • Latest Pershoot 20110328 kernel.
  • Browser crash loading homepage is now fixed. This should resolve browser fc across the board.
  • Added User Agent, Fullscreen, Zoom controls, and Incognito to Browser.
  • Added Reboot to Power menu (intentionally excluding the recovery/bootloader options).
  • Fixed EMMC and basic information for Internal Storage in Settings->Storage.
  • Removed phone signal indicator, and tablified numerous text values.
  • Latest from AOSP Master (not much new since RC1).
  • Removal of extraneous junk, like speech recorder, voice dialer, and mms.
Retired changelog:
RC1 - Beta2:
  • My Apps now works in Market. Google Maps no longer force closes. -There is a downside to this-. The fix involves altering the LCD Density, which causes some apps to not scale properly.
  • Media on EMMC is now scanned and available in Music/Gallery/etc.
  • Live Wallpapers work.
  • Pershoot kernel 20110307
  • A bunch of under the hood stuff due to major changes upstream from AOSP.
Beta2 - Beta1:
  • AOSP is now pulling from master branch, making it version 2.3.3_r1.
  • Camera functions for still pictures. No mirroring or rotation issues. Video recording still not working.
  • Latest NVidia 3991 libs included (noticeable performance increase).
  • Pershoot kernel 20110301
Beta1 - Initial release:
  • Fixed EMMC.
  • Steamlined compile process.
  • Addition of Spare Parts/Dev Tools (possibly removed in future versions)


GitHub --

Use this project from github to create your own image:
repo init -u git://

The process for CM7 will work. Run, run, lunch, make -j[X] bacon. Anything more is outside the scope of this post.

** Additional notes -- GoJimi's Soft Buttons are available in the source code, but are disabled in this release.

I am a minimalist, and I know there are others. I hope others enjoy, and help make this a better project

Please let me know what bugs you find so I can work on them! Thanks.
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