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I can't find the erase command but there is a format_all and that didn't work. However, when I ran the VerifyPartition switch I get:
ERROR: Partition with Id 0 does not exist.
ERROR: Verify partition arguments check failed: 0

This is what I suspected had happened. I think the update may have wiped it and crashed or something along those lines and that is why I don't see the logo boot screen.
I assume bekit 1105 AND 1126 were both attempted? The 1126 one has the switched partitions, which some of the newer devices have.

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Still using TNT Lite, but looking forward to testing Brilliant Corners when I get a chance, would love to have a UI more like Honeycomb.

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To run the tntlite recovery pack via the terminal, do you still need the recovery file in the recovery directory or just the file?

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To run the tntlite recovery pack via the terminal, do you still need the recovery file in the recovery directory or just the file?
Yes, if you are running standard recovery.

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Can you go back to 3588 w/o the recovery pack by just using and recovery file, or must you use recovery pack?

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Can you go back to 3588 w/o the recovery pack by just using and recovery file, or must you use recovery pack?
You can use either one - 3588 standalone or the recovery pack (I also have a similar set of options for 1.2 users). The goal there is give users a few options to get 3588 recovery.

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It pays to read the instructions albeit before doing anything. I tried to go from TnTLite to Mountain Laurel and soft-bricked it. I managed to figure out nvflash and flash back to 3588. Though I did try Mountain Laurel again, but the supplemental would just hang trying to load the recovery image. I flash to 4349 stock and all is good so far.

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Some of these updates / downlevels might bork recovery - most of the time I do NOT include it with the flash image (the Honeycomb port being the only exception, as the device really needs clockworkmod for the PC mounting support). So anytime you jump to 1.2, or back, using one of my mods recovery will usually break.

However, that's why I created the Recovery Pack for both branches - if you jump without using stock, you should be able to restore recovery using the scripts in the Recovery Pack (my first post for ML explains the process).

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I have flashed NVFlashMod_rev5 with the nvflash_windows_2010050 and I take it that this takes me back to the basic viewsonic installed tablet rom.
I have also installed flashed gtab_tnt_lite_v4.24_suppl and all is fine with it running, I cannot manage to install any other tnt lite rom apart from the v4.24 suppl for some reason.

Now to my question = I am wanting to get the "Market" on the tablet but all I have is a "gmarket" app logo which goes to I have tried one of the fixes regarding titanium backup installation and removal of the google item from system application but I have never had ANY google marked system apps at all listed. Can I get market proper installed? Any advice regarding my tablets setup and rom configuration also would be appreciated.

UPDATE - I checked my NVFlash and it stated that I had the correct format to install Brilliant Corners 1.3.0 which I have, all is now brilliant. Great rom for my gtab.

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THIS HAS BEEN RETIRED. The replacement ROM is a 1.2-based ROM called "Mountain Laurel", if you wish to go the 1.2 route. Otherwise, TNT Lite is still an option for you as the links will remain up.

Last Version: 4.4.0, updated on 3/30/2011

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware mod, you agree that there is the possibility that you may brick your device and neither myself, Slatedroid nor Viewsonic are responsible for supporting you if that occurs. I would highly recommend that you learn and setup nvflash prior to running any mods, as you may require that as an emergency backout.


What this is

TNT Lite is an alternate 1.1 based ROM for the GTab, based on the stock ROM that Viewsonic supplies. This will flash system, bootloader and your kernel, so be aware of this. Clockworkmod is NOT recommended for use with TNT Lite flashing (as it does not update the bootloader as required by the vendor), but it is an option if you feel you must use it (ie. if you are stuck in a boot loop and need to wipe your user data). It is a "mostly stock" ROM.

TnT Lite makes the following changes to the stock firmware:

- Rooted and has SuperUser app preinstalled.
- Google Marketplace has been added. It might be crippled by default, but it's fixable with this hack: Also added erraskey's mahimahi modification.
- Removes the TnT homescreen and replaces it with a stock Google launcher
- Removes the over-the-air (OTA) updater
- Removes most of the TnT stock apps and replaces them with standard Android replacements (the only exception being the web browser which cannot be changed yet, and the music application).
- Development and Spare Parts apps have been added.
- Busybox pre-installed. Thanks to bekit for his work on cm6.1!
- Adds VEGA IFile Manager, replacing Estrongs.
- Adds back the /system/xbin folder, which VS removed for some reason. Internal binaries like "sqlite3" now work.
- Adds a full YouTube app.
- Flash is pre-installed.
- Adds extra UI animations (thanks to Rothnic for those enhancements!).
- Includes a TnT Lite version number in the "About Tablet" area.
- Adds an Adam keyboard and Sniffer app (thanks to gojimi for that!). Also adds a Gingerbread-based keyboard.
- G-Sensor hack and Calibration hacks (see the archives for nods on that).

Recommended Pre-requisites

1. Setup and learn how to use nvflash. This is your backout in case something bad happens, so I would highly recommend you understand how to use this, in advance. Link details: nvflash is specific to Tegra 2 devices only.

2. Setup and learn how to use adb. This is a standard Android tool that will give you a remote shell into the device. This is helpful to push and pull files, and do general troubleshooting. For example, you can do a data wipe within adb if your device boot loops by typing "adb remount" and then "Adb shell wipe data" and then reboot. A VERY helpful tool for anyone modding their device.

Information on adb and how to install it / use it can found in several area in XDA, or on other Android sites. It's part of the Google Android SDK.

3. Have your device on a stock ROM baseline, or a previous version of TNT Lite 4.x or below. For example, build 3588 is the lastest 1.1-based stock ROM, as of this writing. Details on how to return to a stock ROM are here: http://forum.xda-dev...367#post9247367. An earlier version of TNT Lite (4.x or earlier) is also an acceptable baseline. TNT Lite 5.x is a higher risk -- please see the TwoTapsX post for details on that.

Other 1.1-based ROMs should also work, but the lowest risk imo is 3588 stock or an older TNT Lite version. This is how I generally test my mods.

Installation for legacy 1.0.1 or 1.1 stock/mod users

a)Instructions for those with standard recovery:

- Extract the RAR to the root of your internal memory. So, for example, if your device is mounted on your Windows F drive, you need to extract the RAR so that you have an F:\ file and an F:\recovery folder. Then, unmount the drive cleanly.
- Power off the device, then begin the flash process by holding the power switch and volume up switch for several seconds. You should see a recovery screen and it will take 1-2 minutes to complete.
- After the update is complete, the system will reboot.
- Optional, but recommended. Do a data wipe / factory reset once the device is rebooted. Settings -- Security -- Factory Data Reset.

Note: these instructions are for the internal memory. If you have no access to that (ie stuck in a boot loop), you can add the files to a microSD card and that will work. However, you need to make one edit to the \recovery\command file, which is a text file. Edit it in notepad and change "SDCARD" to "SDCARD2" and resave it. But, make sure that Windows doesn't add a .TXT extension - it HAS to be called "command".

b)Instructions for those with clockworkmod .8:

- Extract the RAR and place the file anywhere in /sdcard (do NOT just copy the original RAR, that won't work! You have to open up the RAR and copy the inside. You don't need the /recovery folder for cwm). I would recommend putting the file on the root of /sdcard, since it will be easier to upgrade that way.
- Reboot into recovery. Do a backup first, as that's always a good idea.

- Then, choose "apply", assuming you added the to the root of /sdcard, and run it.
- Reboot.
- Optional, but recommended. Do a data wipe / factory reset once the device is rebooted. For cwm users, you would do that within the cwm tool itself.

Note #1: The first reboot might sit for a long time (as of 4.4.0, it's a Honeycomb animation) - just wait and it should finish within 3 minutes or so. If if does not or you see the device looping, you might need a user data wipe.

Note #2: "Status 7" errors. I had this happen to me once, and an SD re-partition corrected it. I believe it's some kind of partition corruption that eventually manifests itself.


- Setup and install the 3588 stock ROM. Stock ROM is here:



Firmware based off TnT build 1.1-3588 bootloader and 3991 system:

Main Release - TNT Lite 4.4.0 Link: http://www.mediafire...m0tqip489zteizd
Alternate Link:
md5sum: bbb6969ea299a6fc2ce0f6a0bc6aae78
(updated 3/30/2011)

There is no supplement, at this time.
The supplement is layered over the base build - these are just file copies, like a "hotfix". Run the main release first, reboot, then setup and install the supplement.


- (4.4.0) Added clemsyn's v7 kernel, to fix the sleep issue. Also "unfixed" the Camera to correct the mirroring issue.
- (4.3.2) Fixed issue with Flash 10.1 reversion by adding the 10.2 apk into the installation script.
- (4.3.1) Fixed the home and search buttons breaking after wiping the user data
- (4.3.0) Based off 3991 system.img (legacy kernel and bootloader, however), camera fixed, new Market, recovery command line toggle added, 3588 bootloader added
- (4.2.5) New Market (stars?), new Gmail. Also patched for this vulnerability --
- (4.2.4) build.prop changes to fix recent Market issues (this came from several posts in XDA)
- (4.2.3) Driver update that improves Nenamark scores (40 fps or higher)
- (4.2.2) Added Google Maps 5.1 and the Maps flip fix (thanks jwischka, atakapa and Butch1326!)
- (4.2.1) Add Adam keyboard, Sniffer app (thanks gojimi!). Adds updated Nvidia drivers that correct tearing in the Settings app (thanks proengin!)
- (4.2.0) TnT 3588 base. Added Gingerbread keyboard option, Framerate / refresh increase to 60 (thanks to Dexter_nlb and gojimi!), added mahimahi build.prop update for additional Market apps, 2.2.11 Market also added.

New for TNT Lite 4.3.0+ : GTAB 3588 Recovery Pack

This is a set of scripts to change between standard recovery and clockworkmod recovery, without having to reboot. All you need is adb or a Terminal Emulator package.

I don't use clockworkmod for flashing ROM's anymore, due to its inability to flash the bootloader (something that may be required, in the future). But I still use it for nandroid backups and data wipes, so this is how I can easily switch between the two.

a) To flash recovery to 3588 stock recovery, using your GTablet

- Download the app "Android Terminal Emulator", by Jack Palevich.
- Run the app, toggle the soft keyboard and change the font settings, if desired (default is very small)
- Type "su" (Superuser should allow su access.
- Type "". This should run the flash_image tool and complete in 5-10 seconds

Reboot into recovery to test. 3588 stock has no options, so assuming you have no in the root of your /sdcard, it should just error out with an "!" error (that's what we want to see).

To flash recovery to legacy clockworkmod .8 bekit version recovery, using your GTablet

- Follow steps 1 to 3, above
- Type "". This should run the flash_image tool and complete in 5-10 seconds.

Reboot into recovery to test. You should see the clockworkmod .8 bekit screen, which means the flash was successful.

c) To flash either recovery with adb

Just use an "adb shell" and then run the shell script needed.

Issues / Caveats

More than a few users have reported a reboot looping issue either during, or shortly after, upgrading to this firmware. I would go on the assumption that this could happen to you, so I would be prepared for that and try some of the possible fixes that users have reported, below.

Pre-req: Have a microSD card ready of use. This will be the only way to re-flash or install clockworkmod, if you get stuck in a reboot loop. If you don't have a microSD card, then you're only fix would be to use nvflash to fully erase the system (see the steps in the nvflash link in this post). With that in mind, I would try these steps, in this order (you'd try the next step if the first step did not fix the issue)....

- Try to reflash first, using the microSD.
- Try to reflash to TnT stock - again using the microSD.
- Install clockworkmod recovery (see below) using the microSD, which will give you extra capabilities. Then, run clockworkmod recovery and wipe your user data.
- Re-run clockworkmod recovery and re-partition your SD card. Suggested setup (as of Jan 2011) is 2048 and swap of 0. (this last step will wipe the /sdcard data, so keep that in mind).

Second, check out this excellent post from dcom222 if you are still stuck and need some guidance: http://forum.xda-dev...414&postcount=7

You can also check out this link for some tips (thanks to smakcc for the link!): http://droidpirate.c...wsonic-gtablet/

Lastly, check out this thread for acore FCs: http://forum.xda-dev...175#post9454175 (thanks, digger44!)

- Sleep mode (clicking on the power button) doesn't seem to work. There is no known fix, other than adding a customized kernel. Another suggestion is to leave the device to "never sleep", at least for now. EDIT: Should be fixed with 4.4.0.

- When clicking on the "Notifications" button in Settings (the one that's greyed out) the device semi-locks. To unlock, just click on the "!" button i the uppper right side on the device, on the status bar.


Other Items of Note

- Clockworkmod bekit v.8 only (for technical users only -- ONLY use with TnT Lite 1.x to 4.x, or other 1.1-based legacy mods) : http://www.mediafire...dvleg4oatkfxm7w
This is a replacement for standard recovery. It adds the ability to backup and restore system images, for example.

- Pershoot's customized kernel for TnT / VEGAn builds:

- Clemsyn's customized kernel for TnT / VEGAn builds:

- GTAB 3588 Recovery Pack, and other recovery images: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1005080

- TNT Lite archives area, including TNT Lite 5.x information: http://forum.xda-dev...497&postcount=5


TNT Lite 4 screenshot:

Version Archives:

TnT Lite version 4.3.0 Link:[/B] http://www.mediafire...n7lfebvrlsuzcr7
md5sum: 4f186f0814959fd35b6af59d8382e6ee
(updated 3/23/2011)
TnT Lite version 4.2.0 Link: http://www.mediafire...n66bk29kokyo9s6
md5sum: ff9c051c606697d0f57d454e9c1ca5a5
Updated on 01/24/2011

TNT Lite supplement version 4.3.2 Link: http://www.mediafire...krb5n36ck7lac3o
md5sum: 6c05947ea198ce189f3a4e94c334a263
(updated 3/26/2011)
TNT Lite supplement version 4.3.1 Link: http://www.mediafire...hcn5hoo1h75n30k
md5sum: d69af663f7514bae20ff6bbbd1a97e90
(updated 3/24/2011)
TnT Lite supplement version 4.2.5 Link: http://www.mediafire...24s05ytwih555h5
md5sum: e17582873aaf47a9c9270b794530e073
Updated on 03/02/2011
The supplement is layered over the base build - these are just file copies, like a "hotfix".
First of all, I want to thank all for any information on the forums. I just wish Had more time to read all and the knowledge to understand what I am reading.
My problem is time, I hope that someone can help in newbie language.
I have a Gtablet with a 1.1 bootloader, was running Vegan and just recently lost the ability to connect to the wifi. Tried all the fixes that I had time to research NO help.
I nvflashed back to stock and was able to connect. Downloaded CW and flashed the latest version of Adam had issues and could not connect to wifi.
I have just nvflashed back to stock and would like to know what do you all recommend for a Rom that works with the market? I hope to hear soon and I apologies for not having a lot of time to research
Thanking you all in advance
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