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This is not my ROM. All credit goes to bekriebel.

CyanogenMod 6.1 Beta4 & ClockworkMod Recovery (Updated 2010.12.11)
I have updated ClockworkMod Recovery for the G Tablet to support the internal SD card a bit better.

There is now an advanced option to partition the internal SD card. This can come in handy when the internal partitions get hosed (which seems to happen on occasion with this device). To keep it close to stock you can select a 2048MB Data Partition and the remaining ~13GB will go to the internal SD card. You also have an option to format the internal SD card space as well as mount it as /emmc. You can still format the external SD card using the existing advanced option.

This recovery still uses the external SD card as its primary mount for actions (install ROM, backup, restore, etc.). However, the recovery is configured to "fall back" to the internal SD card for these actions if (and only if) there is no external SD card available to be mounted.

As always, credit to Koush for creating ClockworkMod Recovery in the first place.


This is the current BETA release of the CyanogenMod 6.1 port for the G Tablet. There are still several issues, but it is far enough along that I use it as my daily system. Please review issues and post new ones as needed at the Issues page linked below. Feel free to leave feedback in the forum, but I may not be able to follow up on it. The best option is to catch me in #tegratab on Freenode IRC.

CyanogenMod 6.1 Beta4
CyanogenMod 6.1 Beta4 - MD5

ClockworkMod Recovery

My site: post

gapps does work, but I probably should not release that here. Just make sure it is the MDPI variety and has an update-binary compatible with tegra.

This version now matches the standards for SD card mounting on devices with both internal and external SD card space. This means that the external SD card slot now mounts to /mnt/sdcard (symlink /sdcard) and the internal space mounts to /mnt/emmc (symlink /emmc). The device properly recognizes the internal vs. external space and allows proper unmounting and handling of the external SD card. This also means that some apps (if they were coded poorly) will not recognize the internal SD space as available SD card space and will require you ti insert an external SD card. I will see if I can do something about the default apps (read: camera) that have this problem; other apps will need to be fixed by the developers.

CM6.1 Beta4:

  • Updated SD mappings for internal/external SD space to match standards (see note above)
  • Using latest available source from the CyanogenMod repo
  • Updated kernel to latest G Tablet version (still waiting on source so we can build our own)
  • Updated to the lasted drivers available for the G Tablet
  • Included updated libGLESv2 from nvidia (Angry Birds!)
  • Proper setup of CPU values - this allows the folio Flash APK to install properly
  • Matched fingerprint and device settings to latest G Tablet values
ClockworkMod Recovery (2010.12.11):
  • Added options for managing the internal SD card
  • Using latest available source from the CyanogenMod repo
ClockworkMod Recovery (2010.11.24):
  • Updated SD mappings to match standards (see note above)
  • Using latest available source from the CyanogenMod repo
-Brint (bekit)
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