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[ROM] Corwin's Tweaked CM7 RC4 Beta 4 (Updated 4/5)
This is my custom compile of the CM7 git hub. Please understand I am a server engineer not a programmer, so the features are going to be very close to what you would get from CM7. The only major changes here are the boot screen and some backgrounds. The other people working on CM7 do not always have the time to work on the code and compile the latest updates into a rom for release and we do not get CM7 nightly files like you would see for an EVO. When I see that something major has been committed to the git I will update my side and produce a new revision. I am also taking a crash course on editing the apk's and xml files to really customize the heck out of the rom, but im new at this and I have a full time job, wife, a kid, and cats

I have now baked a new boot screen, worked in the latest framework changes from TeamDesire and the latest beta version of gojimi's VT Launcher and a few framework and buildprop changes of my own.

Just like any other dev out there I take no responsibility for your tablet and if you screw anything up please do a NVRAM restore to back out to factory again.

Please make sure you download GAPPS just like any other cyanogen based rom

Below are the links and a simple change log to the various builds I am putting together...

****Beta 1 032411****

****Beta 2 033011****
  • Buildprop changes
  • Boot screen changes

****Beta 3 040111****
  • New default background - my first time editing the framework thanks to supermiah
  • Removed a few things we dont need like the voice dialer

****Beta 4 040511****

More updates soon


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